Greatest Country on Earth

The US is the greatest country on Earth. I think this popular statement is true but very misleading. If something is the “greatest”, is it not implied that it is also the best? I would say the best country would be one where the citizens and the government are in content harmony, and not at each other’s throats. This, however, would not be the case with the United States then. So the “greatest” must be referring to the military prowess. This is perhaps the most accurate interpretation for the popular statement. The US is the greatest at imposing the will of the few and spreading a reign of terror and tyranny. Indeed, this is true. Government is the greatest threat to security. And the United States is the greatest government on Earth. The US has made so many enemies by ignoring sovereignty and performing terrorist acts across all borders that it literally is the greatest threat to individual security. The next world war will be against the US, not for it.

I, Jeremy Edward Dion, as a citizen of the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth, hereby dissolve the government of the United States and all accompanying authorities assumed or given. I do not recognize any assembly of men claiming to execute the will of the people within the United States borders. Nor do I recognize authority claimed by any agency intended to operate on behalf of the government of the United States. I am thus a sovereign citizen of this earth and my actions are my own will.

An individual cannot denounce US citizenship within the national borders. It must be witnessed at an embassy or consulate outside the US. But since I have dissolved their authority to practice government on my behalf, I don’t have to. I exist as a sovereign citizen; the US government no longer exists and I can know liberty.

-Jeremy Edward Dion