Never Go Home

Concerning the phrase: “You can never go home.”
I thought I knew what this meant. I learned some things tonight about someone I haven’t checked on since I left the state of my birth. Now I understand what this phrase means.

It doesn’t relate to a physical home, your childhood or even who you were. This phrase has every bit to do with the people you held in your memory as ideal or “safe havens” from your childhood. You knew that no matter where you were in life, those people would always be as you remembered them. It is a selfish thought , and most likely unfair to them, but you don’t associate with them anymore so it was okay. Family is often exempt from this practice because you continue to know them.

The modern era of social media has a way of shattering your safeties of protected memories because you can learn instantly that people are not as they were. I suppose my ignorance of their progress was a way to stay young and ignore the insanity of the adulting movement, but I can’t say that learning of their alleged “progress” has been beneficial.

I don’t feel happy. Normally I would laugh at the knowledge of someone’s social perversions, but I’ve already loosened my emotional bindings with drink this evening, thinking it was safe to do so. Then I learn of something that should only have indirectly affected me, but instead destroyed an idea of someone I apparently used as psychological armor. It was always a place to go to for “home”. I somehow related the idea of someone innocent but older from my childhood, as a key to an untouched purity and safety. Learning from social media of the reality, and thus perverting the idea of that person, has disturbed waters that were long left calm. I will always be responsible for what I do, but I cannot predict how I will react to this. Luckily I felt inclined to write of the idea as it was a fresh experience.

I feel in a rush to finish this piece only because I’m recoiling in horror of this experience and thinking of an unopened wine bottle in the kitchen. I don’t want to deal with these ideas. I always had that one person that I didn’t follow-up on; but now I learned the endless “progressive” modern social perversion has compromised even them. There is truly no home to go back to. My ideas of people are shattered as they have all sacrificed decency for faddish hedonism.

I guess this is simply growing older, and I feel dumb for it taking what I feel is longer than most, but I feel more inclined toward hating everyone, impartially for various related reasons.

I’m smart enough to know that hate is useless and burns people up inside, but no other emotion is instantly gratifying for cooling me from real action. I guess that makes me a hedonist like all the others I’ve grown to despise. I can’t talk to them, because my sacrifice, felt, makes me hate them more. I would have been better off falling into the stream and letting its current take me with everyone else; but no, I had to think myself better than allowing compromise and fought it to this point. Now I remain so far upstream that I can’t relate to the perverted irrational mess that society has become. I don’t recognize my countrymen. Are you a he or a she? How do I address you!? These are trivial matters when globalism is trying to eradicate your culture. I can’t prioritize toward your identity crisis! I would be comfortable with all of your idiocy if your leftist system accepted that others will make mistakes. But even a first grader is reprimanded for calling a twisted kid of ignorant parents by their previous name.

It’s too much effort to remember everyone’s particular daily identity. You’ve obviously made mistakes with your sexual identity, so you should allow others similar forgiveness. These are the effects of parents being told to listen to their kids and that the “schools know best”.

I will set the world to rites:
A. Kids are dumb.
B. Adults are classically more wise.
C. You’re the parental adult.
D. You cannot trust others to raise your children.
E. Schools are statist entities populated by compromised shills.
F. Kids will believe propaganda presented to them.
G. School is propaganda.
H. Be mindful of history, education and the accuracy of facts.

There are more points to make but I’d run out of letters. It is clear that the social problems of today are because of the failures of yesterday. Every person that is wise has failed every person that is ignorant. And our failure has doomed everyone to repeat the trials we settled long ago. America’s education system has failed. We are in revolt because the trust is lost.

I have been holding these ideas back because I didn’t want to admit them. I’ve had a track record of writing something observational and it comes to pass. I didn’t want to be prophetic with such dark views. But I have a responsibility, at least to my morality, if no one else. I’ll say what those of us with any sense can plainly see.

If the Americas want to tear itself apart, I will give that. I need some excitement in my life anyway. The result will be most will lose what the presently have. Regime change doesn’t simply mean you’ve changed the face of the puppet. You wanted a communist state? You got one! Here it comes. Those family-sized coffin liners are about to be used. If you don’t understand my reference then you’ve never gone beyond fake news media, and you’re part of the people I wish to reach.

But I’m tired. I’m far too damaged or conflicted to care about education I believe should be common among adults. I’m a fan of “Live and Let Live”. I won’t harm anyone until they come to my stoop to dictate terms of how I am to live. Authoritarians, communists, socialists, and fascists have been known to do that; so I have an aversion to the ignorant authoritarianism of BLM, ANTIFA and the “anarchists” that have no philosophy of the nature of the terms of their identities.

Or one could say I’m jealous; that’s all. I can’t ignore the world as it is. I wish I could ignore what I’ve learned and turn my head and laugh and play, but I see the design to society and know it was manufactured by a relatively small group of people that can’t leave others be.

I sense some people know I hold back a lot of what I really think. Most of them believe I’m a coward because of the various behavioral insecurities they juggle. I keep cool by letting it amuse me. Others believe I’m conflicted and so I must torture myself. The truth of my nature is far less interesting. If I unleashed all that I know with supporting arguable points, I would be completely cut off from everyone. Maybe that is only a feeling. Maybe I’m delusional and my opinion isn’t that powerful, but logic has a way of fucking the psychosis-afflicted folks up and driving them to recoil in horror. Proof of this would be to look at these protesters driven to riot because the factual evidence of the world doesn’t align with what they want to believe is true. It’s a source of great angst for these misinformed twits and the loudest majority of them resort to violence and property damage because they can’t formulate arguments.

Violence without purpose is chaos. But if you’ve exhausted all reasonable avenues of debate and result in being truly oppressed, then a legitimate movement could be formed as a catalyst for genuine change. But still, the core problem with these idiots is a lack of historical data. We don’t hear about the beneficially societal implementations of communism because, well.. Name one. / Right. Everyone likes to think they can be the first to be “amazing communists”. Here’s a message to all you wanna-be commies: Authoritarianism isn’t better than common golden rule morality. Live and let live. The closest thing to voluntary association is a republic modeled after the golden rule. Communism is authoritarian by basic implementation. Get over yourselves! Your professors are greater idiots than yourselves and they’ve steered you aground on the shores of fantasy. Living among each other is quite simple: Don’t make trouble for others, and don’t accept the burden of others. Be responsible for yourself. No one else will care for you. If ever anyone comes to do real physical harm, defend yourself. Apply common sense to everything.

That’s all I want to say. I’m evidently disappointed with the publicized version of society. Fuck the lot of you.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

And Society Sheds Its Weak

Hate Week

Many are saying that society is breaking down. I don’t think that’s entirely true. There are pockets of chaos among the young, the sensitive, the ignorant, and the unimaginative; but there are still plenty of rational folk to go around. While these weak individuals jump on the bandwagon to partake in groupthink propaganda and rally to the cries of baseless accusations of racism, sexism and hate against one another; people are forgetting this has been a historical cycle. Every few decades, there collects a critical mass of weak individuals that bicker and fight amongst themselves about feelings and nonsense.

If you’re one of those individuals that’s surprised you got your face pushed in for wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt in a crowd of irrational angry Mexican-Americans, then you’re senses are at fault for not signaling to you the times we live in. Let me be the one to finally tell you, “You’re part of the weak”. Sure, you might think yourself brave for promoting a capitalist candidate in the center of brainwashed misplaced civil unrest that’s against what they believe to be the results of capitalism, but you must realize an angry hostile mob is full of ignorant people. The most dangerous people on the planet are the ones that would support Mao, just to avoid supporting Hitler. They believe they must make a choice, when in fact there is no choice to make. They don’t understand the world so they act out the only way they can be useful, as blunt instruments against each other. They are also part of the weak.

Usually, as a fact of mathematical principle, if you find yourself surrounded by the ignorant and irrational, it’s because you are appropriately grouped. Whether you support candidate-A or candidate-B; you’re a statist that’s already been fooled into believing you make a difference. And so many fall for the classic trap of naivety, believing people aren’t lying to you. I can call anyone a racist or a sexist but it wouldn’t make it true. And for others to assume an assertion is accurate without applying critical analysis to ascertain if the claim is true, and then to stand beside the propagandist and chant the same nonsense; they are now operating underneath their lie. People that cannot get the facts for themselves never become real leaders. They may be delegated various tasks, but they’re working under the lie of another.

The rioting will escalate and immoral criminal behavior will continue to be publicly rewarded by the other weak follower types. The people that bicker and fight with others over these trivial issues of self, personal choice and preference; are more of the weak that will destroy each other. You see these people plastering their narcissism all over social media worshipping their own cultural destruction. If they continue to have nothing to offer society, they will find themselves outside looking in. And once society has cleansed itself of its weak through these developing public spectacles of lunacy and violence; the strong will step up to repair the damage and make a lot of money doing real work helping the truly needy. Then it will start all over again.

But we must not build our houses on corpses. The weak have very little to offer society in the long term; all they bring is intolerance, hate and violence to otherwise civil proceedings. We do not want the stench of their short-sighted failure to interfere with tomorrows dreams. Hate Week begins.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Collectivism and the Aggression Principle

Essay of Collectivism and the Aggression Principle

The practice of a group having more liberties than an individual is flawed. Should it concern anyone that I could have an armed drone, I solely own, flying around our skies? It should. Equally, it should concern you that a group has assumed they have the right to do this. The practice of discriminating who may do what, will eventually lead to megalomaniacal rulers. Either we all must have the same ability, or no one may have the ability. Classically, it has always been criminals that practice what is not allowed of the people. Today we classify them as politicians, corporations and governments. Our constitution was written to limit the abilities of government from exceeding the public liberties. The fact that government has overstepped this restriction is testament they do not respect our equal rule of law. It is past due the time for sundering this government. The states must rise as sovereign, yet united, against the tyranny of extreme collectivism.

Realistically and logically; all people are individuals and wholly responsible for their own security and well-being. No collection, group, or committee of individuals may dictate otherwise. These responsibilities may extend to the small group of family, or a township of like-minded families; but mandates from hundreds of miles away are indeed foreign and have no business being observed.

My task was to:
1. Form a logical argument explaining why it is necessary to allow groups public liberties that the individual may not exercise.
2. Discover the purpose of authority with privileged rights.
3. Note what types of people are attracted to politics and positions of delegated authority.
4. Research the result of systems built on the ideas of collectivism.

I was not astonished by my findings because I’ve been objectively awake for decades. With research, I very often find to be true what I suspect while dissecting propaganda and placing bias. So yes, this outcome was likely predestined but valid.

I could not form a logical argument supporting collectivism. All people are sovereign. There are groups that would say otherwise, but what do you expect from them? They’re collectivists, and I am not. Certainly there are some that are better than others at any given task, but that selective superiority cannot demand authority.

The purpose of authority having privileged rights is for strong organization under threat of coercion or force (privileged rights) to meet set goals. This is why cops can hit you without thought of consequence but if you touch an officer, you can be beaten and arrested for assault. There is no disputing this model gets results but the result is tyrannical; and immoral if deployed publicly.

Psychos and sickos run it all. Anytime authority is delegated, the devious schemers and power hungry volunteer because it places them in the position to collect and secure more power for groups. Always seeking advancement, this form of greed is an artificial appetite brought on by a psychosis. Perpetually discontent, they must demand the power to elevate themselves above all others as a special group. Certainly there are the true servants that seek public office, but they rarely succeed to the levels of office that candidates conspiring in secret toward group efforts will achieve. Ultimately, the individual has no place in politics. I’ve discovered this is the natural order of all sociology. This aggression principle and attraction to group power structures is fascinating. While I assume this must be noted elsewhere, I feel I’ve made a contribution toward a deeper understanding of groups.

Collectivism results in social adherence to strict rules that benefit few people. Collectivism is progression of unnecessary sacrifices; a marketable and trendy anti-freedom product. It is government pushing fear of a chaotic result if the group should ever fail. One such group today is called progressives; their goals to power require severe political and social reform. A historical and dangerously successful progressive collectivist movement was the German Worker’s Party, later known as the Nazi Party. The Nazi’s were champions of the aggression principle. Many of the party followers were brainwashed into believing peace was obtainable by forcefully reforming all nations into one nation. Meanwhile, the Nazis were committing genocide and performing occult rituals under guidance of the Thule Society. Even today, group leaders meet in Bohemian Grove among the redwoods to perform what we hope are just mock human sacrifices. Surely this behavior must be tradition from their activities with Skull & Bones. Though that is not the case, as a multitude of other secretive societal denizens participate in the Bohemian Grove collective.

My earlier studies into the occult have informed me of the benefits to possessing knowledge which is unknown to most. There is a psychological edge with the Saturnalia practices but it affects only the participants of that black mass with a false-knowledge; simply an understanding among that group. This is an important point. A secret known only to a group is a very powerful atmosphere; the darker the secret, the more powerful the psychological effect. It can only affect them, not the uninitiated. There is no magick involved; it is simply the creation of a testament to will force, and followed possibly by the occasional human sacrifice. “Burnt offering” translates to Holocaust so that may be something to consider when you learn of genocide perpetrated by warring government groups.

The practice of the group’s importance over the individual may be the single most dangerous exercise of the ages. I can’t help but to think materialism and a disbelief of permanent consequence led to apathetic group behavior.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Misplaced Faith

I see why it’s important to have faith. At times, it helps to feel like something is rooting for you and possibly intervening on your behalf to set a positive path. If this psychological dependency be true, then I acknowledge why an ignorant person is inclined to happiness. Their mind is simpler; analyzing less and letting instinct take control where logic and reason would just get in the way. A person driven by instinct sounds more dangerous than it is. Instinct is a faint guiding emotion but it gets filtered through logic and reason in a civilized individual. Those who are less cultured are considered more barbarous. Or, at least, they are more obvious with their savagery.

While an ignorant barbarian can display great savagery, they are discovered easily and quite manageable. Far more dangerous is the deceptive breed that endeavors to convince others they are above that behavior by wearing rouge. These are the suits and politicians that must elevate themselves with assumed hierarchy and distinguish their false differences by neatly presenting themselves. Be warned, the suits are greedy, deceitful and countless times more dangerous. They are the masters of barbarous acts and use their hierarchy to organize the lesser intelligent barbarians into armies to meet their own gains.

The invention of radio has put cowards in charge of armies. No longer is Washington at the head of the assault, nor is he even in a command tent on the battlefield. Today’s commanders are cowards with plastic toy soldiers and they phone in their attacks through proxy of their generals with an assumed authority to command men. They claw their way to the top of the piles they’ve designed because they cannot stand at the bottom and take a beating like the rest. Their ego won’t allow them to be content, and technically, they are sociopaths.

I have discovered many flaws in this system of representation we place our faith in. Any person that would assume to represent a number of people, only serve to deceive them. While they may have initially claimed or tried to please all they represent; that is impossible, so they resort to pleasing themselves and the few that surround them. This is the observed nature of politics in a society with misplaced faith. Many are too smart for their own good, they don’t believe in God and karma because of logic and reason, so they embrace and deceitfully conceal their brutality. And to this effect; the uncultured, driven by instinct alone, are more civilized because fear of the remaining mystery still governs their resolve.

Through logic and reason, I can tell you now that the Gods of the popular faiths (as defined by their abilities) do not exist; nor does any other omnipotent physical or massless entity that could ever really affect our world. God, for most religions, is a personification of the fears of retribution for barbarous acts. Religion was designed to lessen the amount of warrantless brutality in the human species. Through my life I have not witnessed anything other than life itself. None of what I have experienced suggests an all-powerful aware force is in the cosmos. However, I am certain there is a supreme intelligent being somewhere but there is no way to know if it is even in our galaxy. For all I know, the smartest entity in all the cosmos could be a dolphin, or a whale or maybe even a human being; but there is no way I or that being may even know it is the top-most intelligence. Therefore, I know not what to worship. That being said, if there were to be a God entity defined; then it could only be as smart as the product of its design, memory and environment. So I can say that God exists in the sense that it is alive, aware and even supremely intelligent; but not omnipotent or physically magical.

So have faith, but secure it where it will do some good. Don’t place it in the hands of greedy barbarous men or sailing through the silver-lined clouds of the heavens with a fantastically magical old man that records your every action. Both are irrational circumstances that continue humankind’s greatest savage practices.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

The Battle Hunger Royale Games

I just watched The Hunger Games in the theatre. This is the movie based on the book published in 2008 of the same title by Suzanne Collins. The idea for this story is stated on Wikipedia as having sprung from channel surfing on television. What an interesting method for idea farming. When I first heard of the plot for this film, I thought it was an adaptation of a novel I read in early 2000 called Battle Royale. Battle Royale is a Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami published in 1999. The Battle Royale film was made in 2000. The stories for both these books are similar. And I’m omitting from mention the many other stories like these that came before. I’m not concerned with the matter of possible alternate origins. I’m observing a more sinister practice. I’m noticing the trend of glamorization for tyrannical philosophies. A lack of understanding of world events and history is leading to the acceptance of tyrannical governance. This result is the same whether the ignorance results from deception or laziness.

Here is a perspective argument: Schools are a lazy approach to education. The delegation of responsibility to the state to educate the young is an extremely dangerous practice that has grown to a degree of absolute tyranny. This has become such a point of control by government, that whole families are destroyed by state school board policy for ridiculously inane infractions.

The argument I have stated above is from a Constitutional Republic perspective that observes individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But our society is so misinformed of historical events that even the lies are openly taught in those same public schools. Logically, what you learn to be “true” at a young age has a great deal to do with who you become as an adult. So, the tool of the tyrannous is deception because the truth will set you free. This is a phrase that many people misinterpret. It has always been turned around so that it benefits the state when YOU are on trial. “Don’t lie; the truth will set you free.” In reality, you’ll be incarcerated if you’re on trial and ignorant of what laws they claim you’ve broken. What the phrase “The truth shall set you free” actually means is: “If you know the truth, you will be free.” It has little to do with telling the truth when questioned because you could say nothing and remain free. It has everything to do with being properly informed.

There is a method of slow indoctrination occurring with the glamorous promotion of stories and propaganda about totalitarianism. While these titles are entertaining stories, they represent a state that should never become. It seems that all industrialized countries are falling prey to the glamorous portrayal of slavery control schemes. And I see world policies reflecting the pseudo values represented in these books. Do not misinterpret my meaning. It’s the job of film production to make every story glamorous or else movies would be far less marketable. Besides, what is considered glamorous is a subjective opinion skewed by perspective. I wouldn’t have raised this argument had I not overheard teens that had sat in front of me, later talking about how amazing it would be to live in that world. How maladjusted is their perspective to think that? Their comments report a lack of understanding current events. What I think they fail to realize is that they DO live in a world where those ideas exist, they’re just not implemented to that degree yet or hopefully never.

These stories are a blessing. They are a warning system to alert us to the possibilities of where our governments are headed. We must encourage the publication of the ideas of the time because expression of current concern is a great defense against the cage for your mind. People have to be alert to what’s happening in their world; or at least their own town. It’s becoming a popular philosophy that the majority of humankind be seen as useless eaters requiring heavy moderation. This is presented as if the idea of authority over others is already widely accepted to be normal. This is an untruth. Authority can only be given, revoked at any time, and never assumed. When you’re born into slavery, then you don’t know the wrong that is done in the world. But it isn’t a natural practice to be subservient and accept slavery. Even children run away from their parents, so it is our behavior that determines who will follow us. We must respect one another.

These glamorized totalitarian worlds are the most artificial thing. The human being was not meant to be under the boots of others. You are no one’s property. If ever a nation embraces artificial values over the freedom of humankind, it is to be resisted by all free peoples until its destruction. One of the results of these types of totalitarian philosophies has lead to the birth of action plans like Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a sustainable development plan that revealed itself to the world in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. It is a blueprint for global land and resource management and has been incrementally implemented to add up to its whole. It’s much like the agenda of communism where government owns everything. Another result of totalitarian philosophy is Codex Alimentarius, meaning Book of Food. The Codex is another bad idea from the United Nations, albeit a subgroup called the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); the World Health Organization (WHO) has also placed their stamp on it. While conformity to Codex Alimentarius is stated as optional, nations have been adopting it without understanding the effects it has on trade and the liberties of people. And if the governments are competent to read and agree with Codex Alimentarius, then they are embracing the practice of full control over the food resources of the public. And that has always brought about disaster. The point is this: The outstanding goal of any organization is to grow, and organizations championing ideas of communism, or any totalitarian ideals, should be fervently avoided.

-Jeremy Edward Dion