Connecticut School Shooting

Beretta 92 FS Inox
Beretta 92 FS Inox
This is a sad day. I hope the truth comes out about this tragedy.
And I hope people understand the real problem, instead of what the agenda of the control freaks would have them believe.

This argument uses simple logic and rational sense.
A lot of people won’t understand this but I must try.

You can’t de-invent the gun.
You can’t disarm criminals.
A criminal does not care for law.
A criminal will always have the invention of the gun.
The good folks must have the same technology.
There are good people, and there are bad people.
There are good acts, and there are bad acts.
You cannot have one without the other,
But we aim to imbalance our society toward goodness.
That is logical.

Do I wish the gun could be de-invented?
Sure, because a quarrel would then rely on the skilled use of melee combat.
Guns are superior weapons because they require less skill to produce a severe result.
But that edge cuts both ways.
If we restrict the lawful use of common technology,
We imbalance the society toward allowing bad guys to reign free.
Only the “criminals” will have guns because they will construct them in tool shops.
A gun can be made with a vice, drill press, grinder, taps, dies and an assortment of small tools in a basement.
Would you want the bad man next door to be able to craft a gun, while you cannot?
Of course not; don’t be a dolt.

If a bad guy has a knife, I should have a knife.
If a bad guy has a sword, I should have a sword.
If a bad guy has a gun, I should have… a piece of paper with “The Law” written on it to show the bad guy the wrongness of his actions.
No. I should have an equal ability to defend myself against all threats, foreign and domestic.

Now I say to you gun-grabbing irrational types, why is your brain in error?
What is wrong with your mental faculties?

You think the whole world will be hunky-dory with no war because everyone will only have flowers and law books?
Stop fantasizing and come back down to Earth. There is no Utopia.

A good child with a slingshot and ball bearings could have maimed the bad man.
But panic and fear can be very debilitating when the individual isn’t acclimated to managing those emotions.
Also, kids aren’t allowed to have sling shots in school.

Courage and the ability to take immediate decisive action is usually an ability only found with adulthood.
So why aren’t more adults armed with slingshots? Perhaps it’s because slingshots are sloppy and aren’t a well-ready tool.
So, why weren’t any adults around with the capability to stop the bad man?


Also, it’s pretty hard to stop someone armed with the determination of will.
The bad man will always try and find a way to hurt others.
Don’t make it easier for them to do that.
You must stop the bad man with equal force.

Stupid laws produce helpless dead victims. Shame on the idiots. Shame on them.

-Jeremy Edward Dion