Campaign for Truth

“When a history book contains no lies it is always tedious.” -Anatole France
(This quote was chosen for its relevance, but it’s understood from his work that Anatole France was a socialist that preferred a bit of lies and ignorance.)

I may have to assume the role of historian. I’m concerned about the integrity of education. I’ve noticed sour elements within society have changed historical notation. Their first reaction is to deny the alterations. After insistent questioning, it’s claimed to be done for “inclusivity” or “progress”. These are excuses repeated by foolish people and I can’t get them to say who’s pulling their strings, if anyone.

Widespread public progress is automatic if left unregulated. Inclusivity is also automatic as individuals choose with whom to be involved. It’s called discrimination, and it’s not a dirty word. Everyone discriminates automatically. It’s what keeps each of us safe, and also able to choose fresh produce. Historically, the effective reasoning of lying to the public was to propagandize and persuade the impressionable young into particular camps and ideologies. I believe this is constantly occurring. The truth of the past is obfuscated and another generation is misled, ripe for similar mistakes. Informed decisions cannot be built upon a foundation of lies. I am able; therefore I have a responsibility to research, argue, debate, reveal, and record the truth. I feel that’s likely what is involved in historical studies.

As far as organized education is concerned, the various educational departments make the decisions of curriculum content for public schools. They also respond as unaware shills of historical alterations. It will have to be investigated to discover how this practice can be put to an end. I’m certain the editors of historical publishing houses are aware of the alterations. I will have to get their response to the discovery of this practice. I still believe the best education is obtained by a critically-thinking mind, but a private school comprised of a morally honest faculty is a close second. And good luck finding one.

I have to begin by writing what I know and supply the evidence. Once I’ve built solid arguments with supporting articles. I can begin accusing the “historical” publishing houses of operating as negative propagandists instead of historians. There are already some easy targets, but an effective campaign for truth takes organization and preparedness. This isn’t a fight to enter into while ignoring politics.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Defined as Rebel

Merely knowing the truth will define you as a rebel.

I often got into arguments with teachers that would tell us things that were conjecture. I would mention other sources and perspectives and it would greatly annoy public school faculty. I persisted all through high school with this ‘rebellious nature’, but not because it annoyed them. I didn’t have a behavioral problem, I was merely informed otherwise about the historical events they were inculcating. Without even knowing about the terminology of “bias” or its meaning, I would debate the sources and the intent. To this day, I recall the inside of the principal’s office more than the classrooms, with the exception of one taught by someone also applying common sense to critical thinking during his class.

It’s not so much a big deal that one student would have to conform to untruths to pass a test. They ultimately didn’t care if I passed or failed, they simply wanted my obedience to the narrative. But my arguments were logical and valid and fellow students began asking the same types of questions. This would spur debates and they couldn’t have that happening because people might actually work out the truth. On many occasions I was ‘disrupting the class’ and asked to either quit with the ‘silly questioning’ (an attempt to discredit me) or sit in the hall.

In one incident of social studies (history class) during my sophomore year, I pointed out that the new edition of the textbook directly contradicted the statements of the previous year’s edition on several matters. This was a different teacher for that grade but when I presented the examples of the inconsistencies, I was told I would be graded from the new edition. I thought to myself, “yes of course, but..” She didn’t recognize the concerning issue I was presenting, it went right over her head that there’s misinformation, or perhaps malicious disinformation in the text. It was only several years ago that I realized that back in 1995, much of the faculty was already likely outright proponents of collectivism. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and I was naive to think they didn’t see what was happening. I realize I had no business being in public school.

Today, the propaganda and groupthink psychology in the public school scene is far more severe and effective. It’s staggering to consider the increase in the use of fear-mongering to indoctrinate the young toward collectivist philosophies. They are conditioned to believe that all they see around them, the progress, and everything they have to be thankful for is because of their government; instead of the truth that it’s simply the product of individual ingenuity. There are those that took the freedom to create instead of merely consume.

Today the system is designed in such a manner to create debt; forcing many into a form of enslaved subjugation. The taxes, zoning and fines serve as tools to specifically target individual ‘owners’ of property. If the damaging philosophy that ‘people don’t own themselves’ doesn’t get adopted; on a long enough timeline, the collectivists can suck all the money out of your family and take everything you have. This must happen incrementally, otherwise it is generationally apparent. It is already apparent that it’s extortion but they profess to be authoritative specialists of law and justice when it’s simply a monopoly. Ultimately, collectivists would have totalitarianism if they could get it; they just might if we do nothing.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Digital Media Addiction

In this article I am not discussing Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) or Social Media Addiction (SMA) because I believe these to be not as broad in meaning. “Digital Media” refers to all things electronic using a binary communication schema; this is really the focus of the article.

Digital Media Addiction

People are saturated by media and moved by others in many different directions; granting themselves little time for developing individual thought, or even supporting their own arguments. Instead of focusing on one topic for a reasonable amount of time, the media of popular attention is flooded with the disposable responses of a thoughtless social structure. This has happened to such a point that a whole generational trend of internet users has risen, whose only application is to add controversy to any given topic instead of engaging in meaningful debate and conversation. I believe trolls and the practice of trolling is a waste of time outside of generating traffic for the content. People will even brag about their ability to create reactions in the atmosphere surrounding any given topic of a social arena. People who wish to discuss events in a genuine manner will always have to deal with the people who won’t. This is the epidemic effect I have witnessed over the past decade of Digital Media Addiction (DMA).

I used to struggle with DMA but I think I’m doing better now. I’ve spent more time on video games and following digital media than I care to disclose in detail. We all enjoy electricity and the benefit of its instant gratification possibilities. It’s a wonderful product but its misuse is easily overlooked. An overwhelming feeling of dependency can form from the constant use of any one thing. A healthy balance of use with any practice or product should be maintained, or at least pursued. I’m a believer that the internet and its social networks should be considered more like tools; engaged and utilized to achieve your immediate goal and then restored back to a state of rest in the toolbox. Today people speak about being lost without their cell phone, and young people think it’s a weird practice to engage each other in a more direct manner instead of just texting. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d still rather touch the ladies than tweet them. Understand that I’m not entirely rejecting social media; I merely want to keep a distance and maintain control of my information, privacy and consent. Few really know what they will want to do in the future, and I think it’s idiotic to ruin future possibilities by irreversibly exposing oneself in a single misguided self-exploitative mistake on social media. Far too often I see the young damaging their identity and credibility by trashing their consent and privacy. Information can be a weapon that knows no limitation of time and distance. And misguided decisions or lack of moral history can severely limit a person’s efficacy. What each of us make public as what we have said or done is important beyond what we can yet know. Meaning: It is wise to always be in control of the information you publish.

Each Facebook user is a social commodity. People are a marketable product. Usage of most popular social media sites includes a shrink-wrapped agreement to become a commodity to be sold and marketed. If there are ads on a site you use, the chances are you have agreed to waive your consent and privacy. If you don’t “go with the flow” and use social media as addictively as the rest, you may be limiting your present possibilities. But this isn’t necessarily bad. Being abnormal is simply defined as the antonym of normal (average, majority) behavior. It is quite average behavior to care less what contracts we click through as we use the various services of the internet. I certainly don’t read every word of these agreements. And the fact remains that the service provider will not haggle with the terms of service. You either have to agree or skip off. And if there is no directly overt attack against me for using the service, then I will weigh the pros and cons and likely decide to simply limit my exposure to the service. But it’s important to always remember the company does not care about any of its commodity users. We are all dollar signs of potential ad revenue.

Digital Media Needles

I abhor marketing and advertising. I suppose I know enough about each of the practices to realize its traps and limiting factors. Marketing is the persuasion of a potential client toward believing they need, or at least want, a given product or service. Marketing is very much like advertising as idealized and reinvented by the propagandist regime of Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov). “If you don’t want what we got, you haven’t been paying attention.” Thus is the essence of advertising at its worst. I want no part of marketing. I understand the idea of advertising as making information available so that people can make a more informed decision about a product or service. This practice can be annoying but is necessary for a number of obvious reasons. The transformation occurs when social media sites we’ve agreed to use, track our patterns and web history, then trade the information to specific advertisers that will individually manipulate each user into buying a specific product instead of informing people of options. Being directly marketed can be averted by: logging out of social media sites when you are finished using them, using search engines only when you’ve logged out of all your media sessions, closed any other services that you’ve agreed to allow track you in their ToS, and logged out of email when you use search and the rest of the internet.

All of that sounds like a Hell of an annoying protocol to practice, so it’s much easier to just ignore the marketing. That’s easy for someone like myself that is aware of the methods in which these technologies are used, but now I return from my digression and on to more of the point of this article.. The young are stupid, inexperienced and manipulated by even simple advertising. This is why there are people who have gone through the entire series of every single iPhone release, android version or other hot item of the month. They are slaves to their DMA. Many consumers have spent money in this reckless manner and refuse to acknowledge this as an obsessive disorder; there is certainly no company with a product to sell that will support this argument. People don’t want to be told they have a problem, they just want it to disappear by filling the void with the digital amusement of their choice, further supporting their addiction. It’s pretty bad when people are interfaced with a screen all day, plugged into Facebook updating their digital identity; meanwhile the cats need to be fed, dogs let out, house should get cleaned, boxes sorted through, food cooked, household members spoken to, or should go for a walk or do something physical to relieve stress.

The extent of my social media networking is a Twitter account I check maybe four times a week. I also still play a bit of video games and watch movies in the evening. The rest of my usage of the internet is primarily research for my writing. I still use digital media more than I want to, but it is on my terms. I feel that my skin hue is too white because I should spend more time outside interfacing with live people during the day. I live ten miles from a sizeable beach and I haven’t had my feet in its sand in years, that’s a shame. However, I am aware of my behavior and that empowers me to change. I seek to make others aware of this addiction, so that they too can be apt toward positive changes. It’s best to unplug and remove our shoes to feel the Earth beneath our feet from time to time. I believe the longer people remain disconnected from direct interaction, the more likely they are to be overwhelmed by bad habits and neglect significant deficiencies of the self. It is important to end this article by highlighting I am not passing judgment on others for their behavior; I’m more so speaking with a mindful aversion of repeating personal experience.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

9/11 Fear Propaganda, Revisited

Tell Lie VisionIt was Saturday August 24, 2013. I was riding along with my mother out to a FedEx shipping center in Greeley, Colorado to pick up a package that wouldn’t have made it to the cabin until Monday. There was a national bike race headed through the area that day and all packages to Estes Park and Allenspark were flagged undeliverable.

After hours of driving and being forced to take improvised exits and back roads, we arrive at the FedEx center. It’s an unassuming beige metal and concrete building surrounded by fields of nothing. The facility itself had a medium-sized parking lot that seemed it could accommodate thirty cars but only had about six parked. The building is encircled by a tall iron fence that would be difficult to scale without a ladder. There is a concrete walkway from the parking lot that leads to a camera surveilled security checkpoint terminal positioned to the right of a caged turnstyle. We pressed a call button on the terminal and were buzzed through, unlocking the turnstyle. Now inside the fence, we walked directly across a small paved road that circled the building to another concrete walkway and a windowless door with a keypad and about 20 multicolored signs plastered all over and around the door informing you of site restrictions. With so many negative messages; it was very uninviting. No Firearms, No Smoking, No Sudden Movements, No Unattended Packages, No Shady Beggars, No Free Thinking! Whatever. Not a single sign instructed you what could be done. Looking to the left, I noticed the walkway continued to a more inviting door with no signs whatsoever, and the door had windows near it. This usually means there is an office near, that must be it. We head over to the friendly door, open and step inside. We’re now standing in what appears to be a hallway checkpoint trap area with security glass to the left that looks into an unpopulated office area and a hefty glass door six feet in front of us that must enter into that area. We proceed through the glass door. We’re greeted by an attractive studious looking girl in her mid-twenties and an older lady. We mentioned we had called earlier and were there to pick up the package. While that business was unfolding,
I said, “This place is more secure than some prisons.”
To which, the young girl of about 25 replied, “We have to be since 9/11.”
The older woman remained on task and silent.

I was awestruck. I let out an exaggerated “Okay…” and remained silent until the end of the transaction. I thought to myself, ‘Is she for real? This is Colorado in the middle of nowhere. How is this a tactical target? This is FedEx, not a water processing plant or a crucial service pipeline.’ There was a moment immediately afterward that I hated her for her uneducated response. I was disgusted by what she said. She was easy on the eyes but may have no thoughts of her own behind those now seemingly less-attractive eyes. That was the dumbest phrase I’ve heard in months. It upset me because I didn’t know if that was a FedEx-Corporate programmed response, or if she really thought that a Muslim extremist terror cell in Colorado would possibly select their facility as a target or base of operations for staging Colorado attacks.

Then I remembered she is 25’ish. She would have been 13 during the 2001 demolition of the three New York Trade Center buildings, the missile strike that hit the closed portion of The Pentagon and the bodiless plane debris that was dumped in a fresh ditch in Pennsylvania. She would not have yet developed any critical thinking or validating research process. Those skills often only develop for dedicated students during college projects, and it’s even a flip of the coin if an individual develops those skills at all. The thirteen year old most likely ate up the fear propaganda served by the popular media outlets, the misinformation from her parents and the fabricated history from her government controlled school. And to top it all off, she probably later voted for Obama, twice, solely because he’s a tall thin black man with very little political history that preaches “Change!”

I’m telling this story because I wanted to highlight that the fear campaign and false flags perpetrated by the black operation assets of the US Government have surely succeeded in ensnaring the average compartmentalized neo-yuppie workforce employee in a net of fear and lies. Also, there are people that actually believe that their government doesn’t lie to them. More so, that if the government did lie, it would be for the benefit of the citizenry.

I will say this now.


However; I assure you that the Thought Police exist and they’re in your television, your food, your schools, and your medication. The events of September 11, 2001 were part of a scientific model of control, utilizing the basic emotions to steer and manipulate public opinion. Many fell victim that day, not just those our government murdered in New York. A lot of you lost your free will and were robbed of much truth the following years. I am sad that so many relatively innocent people can be so easily trapped by lies and fear. I blame the lack of minerals or vitamins in their food. I blame their medications. I blame their entertainment choices. I blame their faith in government. And most of all, I blame them. I have become bitter to these types of people. I can’t stand their senseless babbling of slogans and packaged rhetoric. They disgust me, but I’m working at turning that into a more positive useful emotion or energy. I wish to help them but spending a day explaining the state of the world to every idiot I meet is a waste of time better spent staring off into space, because that’s their reaction when engaging idiots on these matters.

Have a happy and informative False Flag Day! Go read a book.
I suggest Plato’s The Republic or Orwell’s 1984.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Recent Days Thoughts

black circleWhat’s the point of dreaming if you can’t become something you’re not? May as well skip sleep and go right mad, then you’d be different. I’ve been troubled all day, felt uneasy. I feel something bad is going to happen soon. I haven’t been sleeping properly for weeks. The events of the world have been interrupting my calm nature. If people on this Earth don’t calm down and let people do as they will, I will have to get involved. I rather not allow current affairs determine my actions but the legislative collectivists have forced free people into a corner. Their scheming keeps me up at night.

For our own well-being, they that tell others what to do should be reminded what happens to authoritarians. They get their way at the beginning, but when they back people that have had a taste of freedom into a corner; it ends up poorly for both parties. I suppose that is why they have been drugging us and using decades of brainwashing research to program us into servitude, or at least, inactivity. Do you know the effects of fluoride on the brain, or better, the whole body? Most of us have had many years of unnaturally high-concentration fluoride ingestion and absorption. Is it any wonder why we’re all functionally at the level of a 1950 fourth grade education?

There are college graduates placed in influential positions of government that have no clue to the value of their nations’ founding documents and the freedoms they protect. That is elementary school material. Elementary! I suppose public education doesn’t teach these values anymore. Try wearing an NRA shirt to school and see how far you get. There are people in government or authoritative positions that have no business being there. There are communists, socialists, authoritarians, and other collectivists on the lookout for any free thinkers. Few, if any, are individuals; because individuals aren’t given the same respect or attention as a group when under a collectivist model. The perspective of the individual is becoming extinct.

The trending rhetoric these days is to speak of group memberships and blanket blame over affiliations. It’s all over the news when they discuss suspected terrorists or attacks. People are so conditioned by the collectivist propaganda peddled through schooling and programming. You always hear, “I think the [this group] and [that group] is to blame because the attacker subscribed to their newsletter or visited some meetings.” This type of thinking is in error and does a disservice to all. To set everything straight, people are individuals. People always will be. It doesn’t matter if the terrorist was a Tea Party member or a Constitutionalist, because patriots don’t kill innocent countrymen. Obviously the actual terrorist doesn’t value the goals or methods of those groups; or any respectable group for that matter. Duh, it’s just simple logic. Again, this is elementary, but everyone is programmed to selectively blame groups an individual is affiliated with for their behavior. People who speak in this manner are well-conditioned servants of the propaganda surrounding them, so beware who you let talk your ear off.

As I stated in previous papers, it is my business to know the state of the world. So I will tell you what I know. I believe everything we’ve seen coming out of legislation and executive orders is the temperature of the water slowly rising. It will eventually boil us. We won’t feel the abrupt shock of mortal danger until we’re 80% cooked and immobile. I’m speaking of incrementalism. The end result of any collectivist is to render most of the population entirely dependent on the collective government. In order to make dependency on government appealing, you must remove the sovereignty of the people and impoverish the nation. This is what always happens. It’s a cycle you can study until your eyes bleed. There are often deviations to the stated end result. For instance, our situation today is dealing with a world collective model that intends to reduce the human population of the Earth. They have stated this in whitepapers and group charters. They claim this as a requirement and from an authoritarian stance of science, but it is bogus. There is plenty of habitable space on this planet for everyone, and their waste, many times over. Oh yeah, and carbon dioxide is good for the ecosystem, damnit. This depopulation plan is the product of those creepy Nazi eugenicists, but the Bilderbergers are the culprits of the world collective model.

I’m not going to bullshit you, it’s going to get a lot worse than it is but through better chemistry and programming you may not react or even notice. I hope it isn’t going to go where it will end up, but it always does.

This article is dedicated to James P. Tucker, Jr. (1934 – 2013)

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Jackson’s Obscene Propaganda

After watching this garbage, I was compelled to respond.

The base of the argument to vote for Obama is based on a number of lies. The same is said for Romney. While Samuel L. Jackson is all fired up about voting for Obama and spreading his obscene slogan in his favor, he has allowed himself to be deceived by assertive propaganda. Very little fact-checking went into Obama’s eligibility to be president. That is a giant red flag. Regardless if you vote for party members or independent thinkers, we must follow the rule of law. Obama isn’t eligible to be president. His official released birth records are layered Photoshop documents. This has been proven by numerous individuals with the document obtained from Just because you love the idea of a man and what you want to believe he stands for; doesn’t mean you should ignore the lies surrounding him. You must stay objective, connect the dots and base your decisions on information grounded in reality. Propaganda like this is a wonderful display of passion for a cause, but it is misguided.

Our Constitution is founded on the model of a republic. This doesn’t mean we can’t have democracy, but left or right or middle isn’t what the public should focus on for a presidential election. Democracy is a tool for polarizing a society; to diminish the choices to fewer options. Historically, it always reigns just before a collapse of public liberty. Democracy is great for smaller areas, like townships or states. Democracy over a larger area suppresses a greater number of people. Each incident of decision making shouldn’t be governed by grand predefined regulations. If this be the case, the corruptive element of humankind infects the system and eventually rules by force. We have states for the very reason to deter this from happening. States that want to support gay marriage can exist so the gay people have a place to be heard and represented. Meanwhile, there are people that don’t want to live or raise their children in a community of gay people, so they live in states that don’t allow gay marriage. What is acceptable for California may not be acceptable for Iowa. These decisions are not for the executive branch, so those talking points are null and void. The states must reign supreme in their decisions.

It is the only job of the U.S. government to manage our interstates, borders and basic postal communication. They have a number of organizations to accomplish that including the military branches and a handful of other secretive organizations. For the government to mandate across the nation that a person can or cannot do something is far from their authority. All states have laws against murder and theft, followed by other common sense restrictions. Why should it be made any more complicated by adding a dictator that reigns supreme? The presidency is not supposed to be such an important decision because they aren’t supposed to have this level of authoritative control. So when someone says “We need to return to our republic”, they aren’t speaking about a political party. It’s not about democrat or republican. It’s about small government without oppressive taxation and local state government reigning supreme. It’s about voting for someone that will listen to the states instead of telling them what to do. Neither candidate is willing to do this because they don’t work for us.

I only wish that the people with the passion to get involved in politics have the prerequisites to understand it. The teaching of critical thinking skills has been in decline for decades and now we’re seeing its dangerous effects. To stay objective in politics, you must understand the techniques of propaganda and how they’re used to manipulate. For example, Jackson claims “Obama sent seals to bin Laden’s place; Romney sent jobs overseas.” Whether the argument of a seal team operation took place to get bin Laden on that day is true or not, Jackson is comparing the actions of Obama as president to Romney which has never been president. Romney has no authority to command a seal team; meanwhile Obama has also sent jobs out of the country. Samuel L. Jackson’s comment, in this case, is a card-stacking argument based on an assertion; two forms of propaganda combined. It’s quite popular to mix techniques and most people do this as second nature. People who have participated in debate clubs are well aware of the effectiveness of this method. Since there is training involved in identifying and deciphering propaganda, a lot of passionately involved people claim to not have time to do the research, or they’re lazy. This is unfortunate. Please take note of the methods.

-Jeremy Edward Dion