The Etheric Note

by J.E. Dion, 01/15/2013

I don’t know where I’m heading anymore or if I ever knew. I’ve lost sight of the path and motivation to progress into lies. I’m not combining these characters correctly, I will increase efforts.

For years I was delusional that I controlled the world with my hopes and dreams, that I guided the will of grand deciders. That sounds ridiculous but buried within I knew this was paramount. I still feel it, though less intense. I believe. No, I don’t know what I believe yet.

I think it’s best to start like this. I have been placed in a constant state of defense. My mind is tasked with observing all the things that steadily kill me. The most damaging substances are consumed. My body is a filter and filters get dirty, they must be cleaned. My thoughts are disorganized because the ringing never subsides. The ringing is the static of the sky; the etheric sound of all things. That high frequency white noise is everywhere. Place yourself in seclusion, away from all things in rhythmic motion and you’ll clearly hear it. The martial law transmitters interrupting progress; it affects us all. We’re helpless to do anything but follow orders from a playbook written decades ago by shielded cave dwellers. The constant bombardment could only be damaging. If my previous belief be true, I will put it out of existence here and now. There can be no ulterior motive. There is no shadow and there are no conspirators seeking to destroy us.

All that is and can ever be is anarchy moderated by force. Government is just an organized and efficient use of force in the presence of anarchy. Government is autonomous. It is the collection of individuals in cooperation to reach goals. Force ensures those goals are met. There can be no other definition. Anarchy is either unobtainable or always true. There can be no state of anarchy for any finite amount of measurement. Government always exists by its own definition. Or defined government is an untruth and simply a group using force to maintain itself in an anarchic environment. These are the words of paradox. Perspective is never properly positioned to realize truth. Having shattered myself from reason momentarily, I see the deception of words. There is only logic but the meanings are incorrect. Words’ definitions are blunt obstacles for true explanation. We can never know the truth of any idea because we are tripping over trust and assumptions.

I’m party to many untruths. I have been a propagandist; as all who express, do so to persuade. Information has many methods but words are just the weapon of the time. A person doesn’t have the truth to say “Thank you” so it’s printed on a piece of paper after your intercourse. They are words of a lie they cannot bear to utter repeatedly. “Thank You. Have A Nice Day” is printed on a receipt for services. An automatic repeated lie. Perspective is important. To disencumber the world of all written untruths would leave libraries desolate and lawyers destitute.

I am disconnected from my origin. I have gone far down a path leading to no interest. And I would be better off chipping slate spearheads in the natural world again. Our trust that words can be true has defiled our natural world and we are a sick people because of it. What many call progress I call misevolution. Misevolution because this was a mistaken path taken on trust and assumptions and led us toward the break from the natural reality that scratches at our smothered feet. We cannot feel the truth beneath us and we cannot see the reality of the cosmos above with all the polished glass in the land. But if we listen calmly, we can hear the etheric hum of all things and it is damaging to the untruths that surround the mind and displace your proper position.

I have made a realization that entity is equal. If material exists it exists because it is perceived. And it is perceived because material exists. So, there is more than just material. Information is conceptual. Untruths transpire without expression. Lies are designed without words. Energy sings without mass. And time is nothing but measurement, without existence, but realized as an immaterial concept. If information ever was, it will always be. It is the etheric hum. I am practiced and it sings to me. Pain isn’t felt, it is remembered. Pain is immaterial; a conceptual information. Bliss can be known by listening calmly to the etheric sound of all things combined. It is the grandest of notes.

-Jeremy Edward Dion