Modern Liberalism

Modern Liberalism

The term “liberal” has been redefined from repeated ignorant misuse. But as far as it’s used today, liberalism is a counter-culture movement of morally bankrupt individuals poisoned and conditioned by the state to depend on the state; used as a vehicle for change more than for progress. Liberals are self-centered uninformed, or otherwise stubborn, types of dependents that don’t want others exercising freedoms they themselves are frightened to exercise. They are truly micro-managing authoritarian cowards favoring a communist state control model even when they do not self-identify as such. For example: They don’t have or like guns so they require illegal legislation to keep others from having them. You know.. For the Greater good.

Liberalism is like a popularity pageant where no one outside their clique cares for the contest, and the winners are the most deviant sycophants. They are quite an illogical and irrational bunch that believe individuality is the core problem in societal relations. They don’t give much credence to “conspiracy theories” or any other type of analytical thinking that would require a triple digit intelligence quotient. Liberals have poor reasoning skills and may become irate when their arguments are opposed with logic. They fall all over each other about being pacifists, as if that were a characteristic to be proud of; meanwhile they are the first to lie, steal, cheat, rape and attack others because they are control freaks at heart that value deception and manipulation above consent and personal choice.

So, you’ve asked what I call the misnomer of modern liberalism.

And its proponents are Sociopaths.

-Jeremy Edward Dion