Realization of Life Awareness

On this fifth day of July, Two thousand and twelve, I have made an astonishing realization.

We are the same as all living things. Plants, like our foods, are engineered as we design and are alive. But if they are designed by humans and yet grow alive as plants, then isn’t that artificial life? And so, isn’t all life designed, and thus all life artificial? No. I say, rather, that the term “artificial life” is invalid and that all things are simply alive, regardless of how they are designed. And so, life is a perfect collection of particles bound by a cohesive harmony that facilitates an awareness of conditions, and thus, gives that union of material the ability to adjust its behavior. Such can be seen in plants, animals, and humans alike; and so, we are the same. We are all dust in motion responding to elemental forces. We truly are as one; in that, we owe our lives to the forces.

-Jeremy Edward Dion