Invocation of the Living Soul

As sure as breath fills my rising chest
And blood pulses through my heart
I command my strength of will to guide judgment
As the world is set to rites

May the forces against me falter in my presence
Let my purpose be pure and true
With no distraction to shake me from my path
As hope bolsters my resolve for truth

No enemy of goodness shall stand against me
No trick of evil able to deceive
Blessed with compassion for the deserving
With powers infinite to that answer

Let this soul know redemption
Let this mind feel hopeful
Let this body root into strength
This is my aim toward goodness

Clear my heart of hate
Let only love remain
May awareness guide my forgiveness
And bring forth those to my aid


For The Age of The Days

A poem for the age of the days

Elevated risk
Distrust and regret
Planning for planners
Panning for niche

All we want is gold
When all is repeated
Her purity holds
Normalcy restored

The dangers of hope
Reality a biting dose
A constant sting
Consistently clinging

We are to fault
For failing each other
Our borders limitation
But the mind willing

We want love
Drug of the ageless
Shower of redemption
Sharing to pieces

The times are short
Falling from cliffs edge
Testing our wisdom
Teasing the seasoned

Carting this burden
Truth a heavy ore
Obscured with dirt
Surveyed soullessly

Quarry of fraternity
Vacant of morals
Lusts for potential
Obsessed with death

Children still playing
Blissfully unknown
Hiding from God
Father is building

We always want more
Sing from the heart
Burning of souls
Or decidedly not

Our choice of freedom
Shaded design fades
Accepting of truth
Hail storm of plays

Light willing heart chilling
The fray commences
Life lost loving
Tears unburdened

Calmness prevails
Cold sea of corpses
Rising with each wave
Sinking in times waste

Cheering felt among silence
Heart of pang subsiding
Skies of clearing blue
Living beyond ensign

Now we know freedom
Love without limit
Caring not cursing
Absence of heathens

This but a wish
A sight of sublime
Prayer of thyself
My poem of the time

-Jeremy Edward Dion