Federal Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown today. This is wholly a great event, but it resulted in the closing of Trail Ridge road. Highway 7 is presently the only way out of Estes Park. This reflects extremely poor planning by the Colorado state government. I can’t help but to feel this is happening by design. Now if only something were to happen to Highway 7, we’d be locked in. The flooding disaster has closed the three canyons leading out of the mountains to the eastern valley. The state of emergency has sent military activity into the surrounding areas. The government shutdown has closed the national parks and access to the western slope. There is only one exit and I’m starting to feel defensive about my security.

Poor management of the nation is to blame for the government shutdown. The president, Obama, is acting as a spoiled child; taking his toys away because we won’t play with them how he thinks we should. He’s in danger of retiring like a presidential Kennedy. Perhaps the puppeteers are planning something at this very moment. We’ll see.

I immediately realized the rational fix to the logistical problems caused by the federal shutdown. I propose all the unemployed federal employees organize and request their respective state governments to invoke positions that replace the federal positions for their state. Simply ignore the government employer, which is effectively on strike, and find another source to pay you for your job. A national park should be managed by state employees anyway. Don’t change jobs, just change employers. A great many number of jobs would be better managed and aptly funded by the states in which they reside. Pay far less federal taxes and slightly raised state taxes, problem solved. If you’re a park ranger or manager, go to your governor and request to have jurisdiction of the national parks and respective duties to be transferred to the state government in which they lie. We don’t need federally employed individuals managing state assets. It’s inefficient and poorly budgeted.

What do you do when your employees go on strike but you must stay in business? You fire the strikers and hire replacements for the same jobs. The situation with the federal government shutdown is the same, only reversed. The employer has gone on strike. Fire the employer and find a replacement. Your job doesn’t change, only who pays you. This is a chance for the states to take back their rightly apportioned powers. But this would be an extremely rational and logical thing to do, so it probably won’t happen because even our state governments are mostly managed by the inept. I think I’m good at finding solutions to these types of problems. I’m beginning to think about participating in public office to assist in deregulation and returning asset management back to state residents.

-Jeremy Edward Dion