Of Fifty Years Past

John F KennedyFifty years ago today, a group from the Central Intelligence Agency, colluding with elements in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and using assets loyal to the military industrial complex, executed their final move of a 2 month long campaign to hijack the nation from the citizenry and lay a groundwork of lies for a New World Order; thus solidifying a future of mass corruption. I am, of course, referring to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Prior to that day, no one could have believed an attack so blatant followed by an equally evident cover-up could have been accepted by the people. Blind patriotism and national pride must have been servicing disbelief pretty strong for people to let the dirty deeds of their government go unpunished.

It is unfortunate evil prospers in darkness, but JFK’s death was a turning point for the consciousness of the American people. Although the plan was plotted in darkness, it was executed in the light, and this is ultimately a win for truth. A fouled-up coup operation had never been so thoroughly documented and recorded before then. Here was concrete evidence of the corruption everyone knew existed. Even in that time, with a bit of logical investigative procedure, there was no denying a conspiracy that inundated all branches of the government. To have botched an assassination so poorly, followed-up by a clown commission of individuals that have their fingers in all the right pies, could not have come at a worse time for the rogue establishment. This was the planting of the seed that would grow into today’s severe distrust and hatred of our nation’s occupation by criminal collectivists and their banking cartels. If it weren’t for their weakness of arrogance on that day, and operating in the light, many would not be so critical of government. I can’t help but to smile at thinking, they that wish to remain in shadow have crafted their own destruction by losing their fa├žade; because evil cannot survive in the light. As more people tune-in to the truth, the area of shadow decreases, and more evil spills into the light to be defeated.

Evil regularly wins the battle of each age, but truth seekers win the wars. To know the facts of a matter is to have the advantage. I believe you cannot truly be defeated if you know the facts and have a fair and good will toward others. That is the goal of liberty; to live a moral, decent and prosperous life, while maintaining your ability to choose otherwise. Denying anyone the ability to know or seek truth, is to go to war against free people. And you should expect hostile reactions when you oppress others with lies and fear.

I would not be surprised if a technologically advanced repeat of the events of 50 years past were to play out today. A half century of lies bottled-up can do much damage if it gets uncorked emotionally. Hundred year plans often hold enthusiasm for anniversaries. I’m just saying.

-Jeremy Edward Dion