Campaign for Truth

“When a history book contains no lies it is always tedious.” -Anatole France
(This quote was chosen for its relevance, but it’s understood from his work that Anatole France was a socialist that preferred a bit of lies and ignorance.)

I may have to assume the role of historian. I’m concerned about the integrity of education. I’ve noticed sour elements within society have changed historical notation. Their first reaction is to deny the alterations. After insistent questioning, it’s claimed to be done for “inclusivity” or “progress”. These are excuses repeated by foolish people and I can’t get them to say who’s pulling their strings, if anyone.

Widespread public progress is automatic if left unregulated. Inclusivity is also automatic as individuals choose with whom to be involved. It’s called discrimination, and it’s not a dirty word. Everyone discriminates automatically. It’s what keeps each of us safe, and also able to choose fresh produce. Historically, the effective reasoning of lying to the public was to propagandize and persuade the impressionable young into particular camps and ideologies. I believe this is constantly occurring. The truth of the past is obfuscated and another generation is misled, ripe for similar mistakes. Informed decisions cannot be built upon a foundation of lies. I am able; therefore I have a responsibility to research, argue, debate, reveal, and record the truth. I feel that’s likely what is involved in historical studies.

As far as organized education is concerned, the various educational departments make the decisions of curriculum content for public schools. They also respond as unaware shills of historical alterations. It will have to be investigated to discover how this practice can be put to an end. I’m certain the editors of historical publishing houses are aware of the alterations. I will have to get their response to the discovery of this practice. I still believe the best education is obtained by a critically-thinking mind, but a private school comprised of a morally honest faculty is a close second. And good luck finding one.

I have to begin by writing what I know and supply the evidence. Once I’ve built solid arguments with supporting articles. I can begin accusing the “historical” publishing houses of operating as negative propagandists instead of historians. There are already some easy targets, but an effective campaign for truth takes organization and preparedness. This isn’t a fight to enter into while ignoring politics.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Recent Days Thoughts

black circleWhat’s the point of dreaming if you can’t become something you’re not? May as well skip sleep and go right mad, then you’d be different. I’ve been troubled all day, felt uneasy. I feel something bad is going to happen soon. I haven’t been sleeping properly for weeks. The events of the world have been interrupting my calm nature. If people on this Earth don’t calm down and let people do as they will, I will have to get involved. I rather not allow current affairs determine my actions but the legislative collectivists have forced free people into a corner. Their scheming keeps me up at night.

For our own well-being, they that tell others what to do should be reminded what happens to authoritarians. They get their way at the beginning, but when they back people that have had a taste of freedom into a corner; it ends up poorly for both parties. I suppose that is why they have been drugging us and using decades of brainwashing research to program us into servitude, or at least, inactivity. Do you know the effects of fluoride on the brain, or better, the whole body? Most of us have had many years of unnaturally high-concentration fluoride ingestion and absorption. Is it any wonder why we’re all functionally at the level of a 1950 fourth grade education?

There are college graduates placed in influential positions of government that have no clue to the value of their nations’ founding documents and the freedoms they protect. That is elementary school material. Elementary! I suppose public education doesn’t teach these values anymore. Try wearing an NRA shirt to school and see how far you get. There are people in government or authoritative positions that have no business being there. There are communists, socialists, authoritarians, and other collectivists on the lookout for any free thinkers. Few, if any, are individuals; because individuals aren’t given the same respect or attention as a group when under a collectivist model. The perspective of the individual is becoming extinct.

The trending rhetoric these days is to speak of group memberships and blanket blame over affiliations. It’s all over the news when they discuss suspected terrorists or attacks. People are so conditioned by the collectivist propaganda peddled through schooling and programming. You always hear, “I think the [this group] and [that group] is to blame because the attacker subscribed to their newsletter or visited some meetings.” This type of thinking is in error and does a disservice to all. To set everything straight, people are individuals. People always will be. It doesn’t matter if the terrorist was a Tea Party member or a Constitutionalist, because patriots don’t kill innocent countrymen. Obviously the actual terrorist doesn’t value the goals or methods of those groups; or any respectable group for that matter. Duh, it’s just simple logic. Again, this is elementary, but everyone is programmed to selectively blame groups an individual is affiliated with for their behavior. People who speak in this manner are well-conditioned servants of the propaganda surrounding them, so beware who you let talk your ear off.

As I stated in previous papers, it is my business to know the state of the world. So I will tell you what I know. I believe everything we’ve seen coming out of legislation and executive orders is the temperature of the water slowly rising. It will eventually boil us. We won’t feel the abrupt shock of mortal danger until we’re 80% cooked and immobile. I’m speaking of incrementalism. The end result of any collectivist is to render most of the population entirely dependent on the collective government. In order to make dependency on government appealing, you must remove the sovereignty of the people and impoverish the nation. This is what always happens. It’s a cycle you can study until your eyes bleed. There are often deviations to the stated end result. For instance, our situation today is dealing with a world collective model that intends to reduce the human population of the Earth. They have stated this in whitepapers and group charters. They claim this as a requirement and from an authoritarian stance of science, but it is bogus. There is plenty of habitable space on this planet for everyone, and their waste, many times over. Oh yeah, and carbon dioxide is good for the ecosystem, damnit. This depopulation plan is the product of those creepy Nazi eugenicists, but the Bilderbergers are the culprits of the world collective model.

I’m not going to bullshit you, it’s going to get a lot worse than it is but through better chemistry and programming you may not react or even notice. I hope it isn’t going to go where it will end up, but it always does.

This article is dedicated to James P. Tucker, Jr. (1934 – 2013)

-Jeremy Edward Dion