On the Destruction of Sensibility

Consumers Zombie Wake Up Call
Sourced art by Radoslav Nedelchev

The heavens cast cosmic bands of energy over the doings of humankind. On occasion it’s necessary to admit we’re powerless to the greater reactions of natural law, but one should never wholly submit to its inferred will. Swimming against the current is arduous and often asserted to be a foolish endeavor, but it would depend on what you’re swimming from. Perhaps that branch of the stream leads one off a cliffs edge to their doom. Sometimes metaphors and similes are baseless hyperbole. They’re chosen as clever phrases intended to impress and support an argument, but with the addition of further detail, one can easily circumvent the intended meaning of a given metaphor.

In reality, the previously mentioned metaphor about swimming with the current is intended to condition you to follow orders, rather than using your intellect to make decisions or waves. Police, for example, are required to adhere to protocol and military-like rules of engagement (RoE) that are haphazardly designed to escalate more scenarios toward violence. Better judgment would be to treat all people as individuals, rather than grouping the entire public into racially profiled boxes of preset interaction methodologies. But with the ever-decreasing IQ’s of individuals comprising the various departments with enforcement capabilities; they are less capable of making rational decisions, and it becomes easier for them to rely on preset reactions.

An example of my argument would be to pay attention to the increasing number of homicides perpetrated by police. Officers believe to be “following protocol” even as they fire sixteen bullets into people walking away from them, or open fire on a misidentified vehicle because they suspect the perpetrator is inside. Enforcement divisions are becoming conditioned and transformed into reckless gangs of brutish thugs, complete will “kill order” initiations from their department heads.

You’d like to think I’m being harsh, but I’ve seen a man choked to death for merely selling cigarettes and ignoring an officer. The officers know they’re being filmed and they persist to commit murder. And then they produce the excuses “I was following protocol” or “that’s what I was trained to do”, and they back it up with “I feared for my safety”, if they’re feeling exceptionally at fault. And they perform all of this without any remorse or emotion; purely apathetic.

Well.. If I strapped on a gun and wore a useless little metal shield and entered a hostile motorized gun club gang that sought danger all day, I might fear for my safety too. But what I wouldn’t do is amplify my aggressive behavior to a point where it causes excessive danger, limiting my options to the ultimate conclusion of killing the collar. That doesn’t help anyone. I’m not even that physically built but I can disarm an assailant of their knife without murdering them. I’m also not bad at reading a scenario and using communication to diffuse it.

The departments seemingly have these uniformed aggressors brainwashed into thinking they’re Jack Bower of 24, hot on the trail of deadly terrorists, and everyone is suspect. They’re locked into “fight or flight” mode where they make decisive actions to shoot first; then taser, torture and handcuff. This is, of course, all the media allows the public to see. There are still plenty of decent public servants, but their actions seldom make headlines and sell tickets to the main event.

But much like a work of fiction or fantasy, there really are individuals that operate in collusion and secrecy, that seek to control all facets of human existence. I believe their goal is to create a critical mass of dissidents to spur support for further federalizing and militarizing the police, then their goal of removing constitutional public protections will have an obedient enforcement structure in place to better quell a revolt against collective tyranny. This is what I believe because it’s clearly stated in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, as is a page right out of the Agenda 21 playbook. These private interests wish to replace all systems with a scientific dictatorship where all real control is in the hands of a few technocratic elites. Proof of the reality of these long-term plans and sociopathic ideology can be found in the writings of James Warburg of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR, circa 1950), as well as several modern members of that same group.

A great deal of research and original writing has already occurred and been compiled on the topic of global dominance so I’ll direct you to a source of information that matches my similar discoveries. I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their life, but it’s important for everyone to realize there are a great many number of sociopaths that don’t practice a Golden Rule philosophy. These folks will seek positions of control, and they will do much harm to any that simply wish to live and let live.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock watching reruns of Growing up Gotti, you should have recognized the United States of America is headed toward damnation. You don’t have to believe in religion to feel the hairs stand on the back of your neck, and sense the country is in distress on the brink of entering a world war. The constant state of war perpetrated by the occupation in the US has served to bankrupt the nation of our morality, credit and competitive edge. We haven’t been #1 for at least a decade.

In order to sell the public a slavery worse than the current establishment, they must degrade the quality of living to the lowest of the bar scale, so the public would be open to their asserted “improvement” toward their world-wide technocratic scientific dictatorship.

Getting back to the topic of sensibility, there is a large and increasing number of callous folk in America. Just today I witnessed new Black Friday shopper videos displaying very dangerous and cruel social interaction. I witnessed a woman grab a vegetable steamer out of the hands of a young boy right in front of his mother; mama bear wasn’t having that and went ballistic on the woman that wouldn’t return the item even after being attacked. The thief screams at the woman, “Why are you being so oppressive?” If I didn’t know better, I might have thought the incident was staged. But every single individual of notice in the American Black Friday videos were of extremely low character, incapable or unwilling to objectively view the situation with sensibility, apply critical thinking or realize what they’re doing. It was a fanatical feeding frenzy, except the dregs were competing over boxed garbage to spend money they should instead be putting toward valuable resources to survive the coming crisis. These behaviors have been occurring and coming to the forefront of the news for several years now. These individuals are literally mindless.

I see, hear and sense this is the result of full-spectrum dominant programming on a drugged population. People who are aware of the conditioning can take steps to avoid it, but those that have their head up their ass or in the sand, will continue riding the bumper cars of emotional reaction. I don’t wholly blame them. It’s fun to ignore the world and constantly entertain yourself in a loop of immediate gratification behavior. However it’s extremely irresponsible to remain ignorant of the truth and causes. It also doesn’t help that a high percentage of the Christian faith has a death wish, and programmed to ignore real cures for common modern-day ailments.

I’ve been researching blood electrification. I’ve determined that it works, and there are Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests that prove it. Just spending fifteen minutes on the internet looking up a cure for cancer will lead you into blood electrification. But if someone has a subconscious death wish, there’s an idea in their head that forces them to ignore even the most obvious of supporting evidence that the cure is valid. Patients with a death wish will constantly look for flaws of character in people supporting the cure, and of course they’ll find flaws if they look for any; so they then transfer that negativity to the validity of the evidence, then discredit the cure in their mind. This all happens quickly but I’ve witnessed the process first hand in patients. And it’s really unfortunate because a person has to have their mind on board and optimistic of any treatment in order to aid bolstering their immune system to fight the disease.

There is a design to this world and its social orders that encourages people to behave irresponsibly. People have been conditioned to be strictly reactionary. It starts with the parents, which have now also mostly received similar programming, then it continues with compartmentalization and institutionalized schooling, and even continues on into college. That’s a huge part of someone’s life, and to be programmed from the beginning for so long to be reactionary, and not critical of their environment, there’s little opportunity for someone to recover that’s been indoctrinated and conditioned for that long.

I was always a rebellious individual and asked hard questions that caused teachers to think I was being a disruptive smart-ass. That was never my intention, as I’m an introverted personality and don’t draw much attention to myself. It wasn’t until college that I learned a great deal of my teachers throughout my education were authoritarian reactionaries with little to no idea what they were doing at any given time. College also taught me critical thinking; and after that, I became unstoppable with logical argument and debate. I began breaking down social processes and interactions and pointing out character flaws. This turned me into a very moral person, which was unfortunate because I had developed a pretty good set of skills for the dark-side. I have since let the bulk of my dark-side skills to become antiquated.

Being aware of the death wish behavior opens the door to empowerment. A lot of people have problems with harmful addictions. I don’t because I’ve recognized my reactive patterns and social triggers. Sound is still an area of difficulty for me because specific frequencies, patterns and vocals invoke memories and emotional responses. But I can recognize when this happens and remove my emotions from causing undesired reactions and apply my intellect to the problem. Again this is something that happens very fast and doesn’t interrupt anything I’m doing. If you haven’t already identified the techniques, I’m using some tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to remove my reactive conditioning. I was lucky to never develop a death wish from religious programming but the television proved to be an effective weapon against me. I used to be one of those poor souls that would be lost to a group of socializing people if a television was playing in the room. That damage was easy enough to reverse. I simply stopped paying the cable bill or watching T.V. Now I’m more creative, productive and happier.

In summation, my goal is to inform people; maybe trigger some to question why they do the things they do. Questioning oneself is the beginning of a fantastic process of recovery. I can be very blunt and harsh, but it’s in the best interests of education to not moderate speech. Political-correctness is a hardcore weapon against communication and social development. It is the cause of a great many number of notable conflicts throughout history. And right now that weapon has a solid hold on many young and impressionable people across the nation. I’ve witnessed behavior much like that of the Red Guards of Maoist China of the mid 1960’s. There is no such thing as exceptionalism. America is repeating very dangerous historical patterns. The sooner we all see it, the sooner we can implement a solution instead of continuing as insensible reactionaries to the causes. If you have no idea what I’m writing about, then you are my target audience. Please don’t continue down the path most travelled, because we’ve seen where that leads.

-Jeremy Edward Dion