Our Nation’s End

Over the recent months I’ve done a lot of research and writing for my next book. My focus is on morality. In my studies I have found many disturbing articles, reports and videos of misconduct from the executive branch right on down to select local police departments and individuals. Something all these people seem to share is a lack of respect for others. They are rude.

The best criminals I’ve ever seen are wearing suits or uniforms. They are the best criminals because they commit heinous crimes against their fellow countrymen but are seldom met with punishment for these crimes. These suits and uniforms are exempt from the laws they are tasked with governing and enforcing. This creates a rift in society. There is a hard division forming between the public and the professed government. When approaching a citizen on the street, or in a restaurant, or at their work, or in the general public; they can be engaged and spoken to without social discomfort. The same cannot be said when dealing with the suits and many uniforms of government. Certainly they have a code of conduct to follow, but how does that exclude the common courtesies they would extend to their mother or father? I can’t see a cop ripping their mother from a vehicle if she began asking questions about why she was stopped. And I can’t see two officers tasering their father when he pulls his arm away because they began grabbing at him when he exited the passenger door upon their request.

All persons are to be treated with respect until they give you a reason otherwise. I am noticing with more frequency police initiating assault. It is important to understand what assault means. Assault is a physical attack ‘or the threat of a physical attack’. Depending on circumstances, forms of assault can also be “battery”, or “aggravated assault” when weapons are used at varying degrees during an attack. And depending on the severity of the attack this could also lead into a whole slew of new charges about attempted murder and manslaughter; all of which law enforcement is seemingly immune to being charged with. What good are laws if only selected parties must abide?

Something has happened to the brains of these authoritarian individuals. It takes a particular type of person to assault strangers, and call it their job. I’m not talking about the armed forces like the Army or the Corps; with them, the recipients of their assaults have the courtesy of knowing they’re at war. No. I’m talking about police electrocuting and paralyzing random people inside the USA because they challenged the officers reasoning with a question and can’t understand the other cop that yells with a lisp in a southern accent. I have seen and read hundreds of these incidents, and about 20-30 new reports can be seen each week by cycling through the public reporting sites exposing this misconduct. And nothing is being done to lessen the spread of this behavior. We are instead giving these uniformed hooligans more powerful armored vehicles like MRAP’s. Meanwhile, by dictatorial decree, the executive branch of government is banning body armor, firearms and ammunition for the public; yet organizations of government and militarized police are exempt from such regulations.

We need to begin focusing on the violent nature of our police officers and why they’re misdirecting their hostilities toward the benevolent citizenry. I believe this behavior was exacerbated (if not started) by the “War on Drugs”, more of a war on the people, which has always been about removing our freedom of choice. Coincidentally, wars are great at growing an empire and extending the reach of an organization.

There has always been bad cops. Some places have a monopoly on “justice”, and they do things as they see fit. Small towns with a limited number of people able to make change to the system has a lot of bad to go wrong, especially when people stop caring for the community. But now the corruption from greed, hate and fear has spread to upper management of the major departments in big cities too. This is epidemic and no one is safe. It used to be media would report on these matters and there would be investigations and it would be a big deal. Now there is so much misconduct that society has become acclimated to hearing about such matters and there is no shock value, or they fantastically rationalize that somehow the victims deserved the mistreatment. Either way, it is less profitable for broadcasting as news.

A slight digression: For the first decade of my life, I grew up in a town that was rampant with narcotic use. I didn’t know then to what extent but found out later after moving away. I always knew to stay away from select neighborhoods because of their conditions. It was an old thread mill town with a bad heroin epidemic. You could find needles along the path between buildings in the downtown areas. I knew about drugs like heroin and how bad it was; the point is this: Whether heroin is illegal or not is of no concern to me. I’m simply educated enough to know it’s a burden and a health tax. Heroin being illegal certainly didn’t remove it from the environment, not while operations were underway by government assets to ship and distribute it to Hometown, USA; that’s another argument. Obviously the goal of ‘The War’ is less about curbing behavior and more about growing an enforcement organization.

We are now faced with an occupying force in the executive branch that controls hundreds of billions of shadow assets, is backed by foreign banking interests, capable of buying every single person in the legislative branch by favor or overt coercion. We have private contractors operating under secretive quasi-military clearances throughout various American cities, the constitutional basis of law is openly voided by the NAU agreement, the country is divided into FEMA regions, in a quiet state of emergency, under martial law, with an illegal CIA shill dictator ruling under rhetoric of democracy, meanwhile churning out executive orders unrelated to public legislation. And we have managed to piss off every single country on the planet by either invading them or ignoring their sovereignty in another manner. The worst part of this is the establishment repeatedly lied successfully to most of its population, and convinced some they want tyranny.

Congratulations America! This is the wild west. Law is no more. There is only force. Surviving in the wake of the suspension of common law will be an achievement. From what I know of history my advice is as follows:

Educate yourself about water filtration, basic nutrition and natural remedies to common conditions. Have a small stockpile of healthy food, and learn some about gardening in this age of depleted and contaminated soil. Stay clear of seasonal vaccinations, they’re sold for profit and weaken your immune system. Arm yourself. Find at least one rifle system, not too exotic, and learn it. Go to ranges, learn how to proficiently operate your weapon. Repetition will build confidence. Find someone that reloads ammunition and set up an arrangement if you can’t buy the ammo you need. Make allegiances with many people (not involved in government) that you can trust. Study tradecraft, social triggers (persuasion and dual meanings), cryptography, and message handling; discuss and employ these techniques with your allegiances. Learn not to rely on digital technology, as it will always be used against the public before it’s used to their benefit. Stay out of the crosshairs of government and away from the justice system. Keep family close because sometimes that is all that can help you. If you can avoid it, don’t live in large cities. Plan an exit strategy from your residence and out of town in case of an emergency. Find a supplemental source of cash income that you can avoid declaring to be taxed. Barter as much as possible, favors for favors and product for product. Follow the golden rule of conduct; free yourself from the anxiety of following every written law, rule and ordinance. Ignore their tyranny as your safety persists.

It will likely take several years to organize, especially when it concerns building trust relationships, but I believe there is another decade of despotic incrementalism before a critical mass of support is reached for a successful revolt toward restoring balance. I hope some can find this editorial helpful. I do care about all of us. I want as many people as possible to understand the dangers we face as a nation. Things are bad, and I believe they’re going to get worse, but we will see our way through this when we educate ourselves and unite in purpose.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Condoning Violence

When to Condone Violence

It’s understandable that becoming a parent effects a powerful change in people. Humans are very protective over their children and a great deal of emotion links the child/parent relationship. It’s logical that anyone attempting to abduct children from parents will be met with great hostility. This can be easily observed and it’s a healthy response for parents to be protective of their children.

Because abduction is an act of force, it must be met with force to prevent it. There is no committee that will keep people from stealing your children. In fact, it is more likely that it is the committee and policies that decide to steal them. I’m very concerned about the hierarchical corruption and immoral practices of Child Protective Services (CPS). They won’t listen to reason at the moment of actual abduction, and seldom before-hand either. This action by the abductors must be met with force. I reiterate; it must be met with great hostility. The abduction of children by state committees must not be allowed less you place all faith of family in the hands of those who value none. In this situation, I condone an immediate outright violent response. The family unit has been under attack by committees for decades.

These abductions would never happen if we had militias. Now, most would argue I’m in error because we have “militias”. But I say: They are not real. American Militias are supposedly organized groups of armed citizens whose purpose is to ensure a free society through adherence to our constitution. This is not the case today. Our militias are allowed to exist only by cowering under the might of authoritarian tyranny if they profess to be peaceful. Forget pacifism, it can only bring unbalanced compromise; the citizenry loses liberty while the government enslaves them. You must practice peace but promise your capacity for hostility to ensure liberty.

Let’s examine the logic:

1. If you are a militia that forever practices peace, then you are useless to the citizenry. How can you be a militia if you are peaceful? Your function is to enact force against the injustices of committees. That force must be backed by effective ability, and defense against a committee action is rarely a peaceful conflict.

2. A free republic has no place for pacifism because you must struggle to protect it. This struggle involves inherent acts of force. Free societies have the weakness of being manipulated by the willful egomaniacs that want to authoritatively control the world. They enact democracy to divide and conquer the public, and only force can stop them. Force is all they know.

3. If someone comes to steal your property by force, you must simultaneously meet that action with abrupt and equal force to prevent it. Otherwise, the bully will continue to hassle you because you are a passive target. You must be vigilant to strike down injustices as they happen! You can try to use reason and logic to solve the issue, but that is not realistic because authoritarians consistently refuse to be reasonable. When it takes nine squad cars to enforce an unconstitutional inflexible policy against a family of four, the bastards plan to be unreasonable. It is always made obvious when they plan to be immoral and unreasonable. Even U.S. foreign policy reflects these practices; operating on erroneous or falsified information to invade sovereign nations before respectfully conferencing with them.

I haven’t got all the answers but I know how to explain what I see. I’m not blind to the corruption, nor will I be quiet in its presence. Just about everyone I speak to feels the jackals closing in on them. The young have the luxury of moderate ignorance but those of us that have experienced a respect for freedom know what has been lost. Ammunition can’t be cast and pressed fast enough to create a surplus. Firearms and firearm modifications are at the top of the daily topics. More people are growing their own food and home schooling their children. Faith in state services is at record lows. If I didn’t already believe I knew the outcome, I’d say we were on the brink of a hot-war revolution.

I want to switch gears now and write a little on how the USA got into this predicament. I don’t usually like to talk about blame but since it’s a popular filler for airtime on the chatterboxes of the internet and airways, I’ll go into a little of what I’ve begun to understand. It’s important to first get some perspective on the argument.

The USA was designed as a sovereign nation seeking independence from England when they decided to screw England over on a previous agreement to subservience and economics extending into the “new country”. England is ruled by bastards. England has always been ruled by bastards and will likely always be ruled by bastards. So it is no surprise that the newly liberated peoples of the new country decided to form their own nation after and during the slaughter of most of the native residents of the new country. “We The People” created a republic with a constitution of laws that all could agree adherence to. The USA believes in property rights (except for the rights of the native peoples) and thinks the individual (non-native) has a right to pursue a living that produces happiness and financial prosperity through free market capitalism. Before the defined system of capitalism, there were capitalists. A capitalist is an individual who trades any property and makes a profit. It’s not complicated; people have been profiting from trade since the existence of the idea of ownership. It’s a natural inclination to want to make more in your next trade than your previous exchange with that property. The best capitalists are the ones that add their physical work to the property before they sell it, and therefore, have an increased potential to profit from their trade. There was never a need to create the system of capitalism, but since the establishment of that system it has become easier to regulate it.

Here is where it gets really interesting. Few parts of the current United States of America resemble how they were founded. There can be no free market capitalism if there is regulation. And regulation is especially prevalent when concerning trade. Taxes are regulations, and there is no shortage of them either. The invention of trade regulation and profit taxing was devised by bankers, lenders, money-changers and so-called royalty. This is an authoritarian finance model focused on the centralization of wealth. A tax is a fee that is forced to be paid, and compliance to payment is a symbol of the subjects’ subordination. Commonly, payment of a fee is for a service but in this case we can call it a disservice. I’ve written about this topic in previous articles so I’ll get to the result. In summation, the blame for the USA’s current economic and tyrannical authoritarian problems can be placed on the regulators. Anyone who advocates trade regulation, in any of its forms (licensing, taxes, insurance, permits, fines, patent restrictions, and approval stamps); can be found in the company of the secretive, the established, the wealthy, and the top competitors. The secretive meetings are for fixing market prices, choosing political successors and designing bipolar regulations (beneficial for high-end corporations but devastating to low-end businesses).

In all amusing likelihood the human race was genetically engineered by a superior entity (God or Alien) to serve as a workforce under direction from the more intelligent entity. So the human race may have come by this subservient practice honestly. Our natural inclination toward authoritarian hierarchy may be strongly cultural and rooted from at least as far back as the Sumerians. But mere subservience within a hierarchy doesn’t produce or merit violence. And it shouldn’t. So why are civilians preparing for war? I have some logical theories.

I’ll gladly do what I’m told as long as I’m respected, it doesn’t conflict with my sense of morality and I’m paid enough for my services. So my dissent comes from either:
A. I’m not allowed to keep what I’ve earned.
B. I’m forced to follow immoral orders because I’m financially trapped in a job.
C. I’m not respected as a human being.
D. All of the above.

The answer is D. The government has been stealing your money. The government sides with banks and takes what is yours to give to them. The government forces its minions to perform immoral acts against you. The government doesn’t respect you, gropes you in public, demoralizing everything about you and the nature of being human; making you guilty for being alive. I’m pretty sure this is not our Constitutional Republic. So, yeah, you can see why Americans are preparing to attack the false government (FG). It’s an occupying force and it must be brought down. The FG realizes this and has spread our military across the globe to limit our ability to communicate with them. They got a lot of our military fooled into thinking they are legitimately in power. But the young soldiers are deceived or have no sense of reference for comparison.

When I read The Republic (Plato) I thought the noble lie was an amusing concept but I found many flaws in the argument. The foremost flaw being that lying is immoral, and thus the operation of the republic is immoral. Plato wasn’t really concerned with that because he was humiliating the idea of control. It was not meant to be taken in a serious manner. Anyhow, I never thought people would consider using it as the blueprint for a live government. But there are types of people that just take things so seriously or literally. Liberals, for instance, place so much value in the opinions of established professors, and the like, that when they hear a talk on these types of philosophical matters; they suspend sound judgment, critical thinking or even common sense. Conservatives, however, are so set in their ways from their hands-on experiences that they wouldn’t know a novel idea if it bit them in their 401K. These two classifications of behavior are thought of as polar opposites. It is designed exactly as you are intended to believe; always only two choices. Blue or Red. Divide and conquer. They don’t want you to look at the Green. The third option will always be discredited unless they own it too. So you cannot expect to beat the system by using its allowed methods. True liberation can only come from true opposition. And to oppose a force that is violent against its people, the people must be violent in its defense. And now you are in a de facto state of war, thus deception is your primary function.

So, one could argue that we are living in Plato’s Republic because we are deceived by our government, and they are also at war with us. Too bad it is all out of ignorance and misinterpreting an early concept.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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Corporatism, Mafia, Hypocrisy, Corruption

The state will always eventually try to impoverish its subjects.

Sex is legal if it’s free.
Sex is illegal if you buy it.
Sex becomes legal again if you tax the purchase of it.

The pimp game is illegal.
The pimp game becomes legal if the state is the pimp.

Marijuana is easily grown but illegal to even simply possess.
Marijuana becomes legal if you prescribe and tax it.

Narcotics are illegal.
Narcotics become legal if you package them in an orderly
Fashioned pill and tax the payment for them.

Contaminating the environment by dumping toxic waste is illegal but
It becomes legal if corporations contaminate the people by mixing
Toxic waste into their food-like substances and then pay the FDA to
Approve their products as “safe for consumption”.
Likewise, it becomes legal to dispose of extremely dangerous materials
And experimental medical waste by injecting them into infants as
Ingredients of the dangerous eugenics cocktails called “vaccines”.

Driving automobiles freely on public roads was legal.
It became illegal to drive on public roads without registration
Because it was thought that criminals wouldn’t become
Registered to transport our alcohol during prohibition.
It is now illegal to operate vehicles on public roads without Registration,
Taxes and fees. Prohibition ended but registration continues.

Theft is illegal.
Thievery is legal only by the state and partnered corporations.

Assault is against the law.
Assault becomes legal if you are in law enforcement,
And thus taxed for your “service”.

Murder is illegal.
Murder is legal if the US dictator president says so.
Murder is also legal if you are in the military and taxed for your “duty”.

Assassination is illegal.
Assassination becomes legal if you are a taxable private contractor that
Consorts with state policy makers and agrees to run the occasional
Operations on lands which military cannot legally operate upon,
Like their own.
(Ultimately, anyone anywhere can be legally assassinated if you
Grease the appropriate politicians for a policy adjustment.)

Insider trading is illegal.
(That is, being an informed investor and making timely smart decisions
With your money, or basically having any type of advantage at all.)
Insider trading becomes legal if you wear an expensive suit in
Washington, DC and consort with people who adjust the policies.

Counterfeiting is illegal.
Counterfeiting becomes legal if it’s called “minting” and done by
A secretive private organization that is allowed to make up its
Own rules and is partnered with the state.

Slavery was legal.
Slavery became illegal when civility reigned supreme.
When morality fell, slavery became legal again as long as the
State is the master and all subjects are taxed into poverty or
Forced to join state employment and taxed into poverty slower.

Free protest was legal upon the very instant of mistreatment.
It then became illegal to protest in many places if you had not applied,
Been approved, and paid for a permit to protest at a specific place and date.
(The logic is that, in the time it takes for people to learn how to even
Apply for a permit, they will have lost steam to follow through
With the protest or lose sight of the principle of the protest.
And if a permit should be granted, the place and time is known so the police
Have the option to attend, to aggravate the protesters and show a sign of
Force; incite fear.)

The logic of these observations is that money buys the freedom
To do what is commonly considered illegal.
It is also observed that policy slows progress; on purpose.
(There is always more money to be made with old technology than new.
Besides, re-tooling can be expensive.)
But this is contrary to the principles of what our nation was founded on.
These policies create a class-based environment where only the
Upper class and state cohorts can afford to be free and profitable.

I despise a society that worships and encourages such barbaric mafia practices.
Realize that you are a slave; Revolt! Choose Non-Compliance!
Abolish the corrupt elements of government; and violently, if need be.
Reject the Corporatism. Reject the Mafia.
Reject the Hypocrisy. Reject the Corruption.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” -John Adams

History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.” -Douglas MacArthur

custodire et loqui veritatem
(To observe and speak the truth)

-Jeremy Edward Dion