Happy First Full Day of Independence

Today is the anniversary of America’s first full day of independence from foreign oppression, taxation and arrogant bastards telling us what to do. I think that’s pretty cool. Yesterday I was nowhere near an internet connection and was unable to publish my ideas on Independence Day.

It’s real important to honor the sacrifices that were made so I’m going to commemorate the first full day of independence this country experienced, July 5th. On this day, two hundred thirty-seven years ago, braver people than myself awoke in their new world as free people. They were no longer in the shackles of servitude to the foreign authoritarians. They may not have known it at the time, but the newly liberated were swimming in the opportunity to manifest their own destiny. They were a step closer to constructing a new government, free from the popular burdens of classical governance. It would take several decades before The United States was born, but at least the path ahead was clear to begin.

It is not the same world today that it was then. The majority of people are less honorable, newer technologies exist, there is a lot more everything, and new dynamics of problems exist. The base of our government was designed for moral people that place value in honor. So our government is wholly ineffective at operating as it was designed. So I’m invoking the Declaration of Independence. This means separating from the United States, which has become like a foreign land to sane people.

We must return management of the self back to the individual or the psychopaths that seek power will send us all to our doom. This state of government has redefined absurdity. There is no order, security or sanity when costumed representatives of state can expect to electrocute naked helpless girls without any thought to consequence. The “officer” that committed such a heinous act must be hunted down and shown the error in his judgment, repeatedly. An eye for an eye, sir. There are some fairly inexpensive tasers now. As a matter of honor, we must deliver an appropriate justice and sanity will eventually be restored. Or do we let chaos enter levels of absurdity beyond comprehension?

Imagine the most sickening and twisted things people could do to each other. Given ample time of fair research, you will discover the United States government, in one capacity or another, has been doing it for decades. I call this The Absurdist’s Rule. Try it. It’s shocking what truths you will discover merely by imagining their possibility and searching for the evidence. It’s disturbing.

-Jeremy Edward Dion