Sensible Freedoms Bill

A citizen of the United States began and held in private in the city of Conway, county of Horry, state of South Carolina, a session to draft this bill to restore basic allowances for travel and defense.

I. All citizens shall be allowed to travel, on foot or by vehicle, to and from any of the adjacent states of America; fully protected by the fourth amendment of the Constitution, tax free, toll free, without burden of permit, without harassment or excessive requirements, while not engaged in criminal flight.

II. All citizens of adequate responsibility shall be allowed to carry, either concealed or visible, on or around their person while traveling throughout the states of America, any number of sharpened edged tools or blades and any number of firearms as long as they can be carried or transported with hands free.
*Common sense applied: You should expect to be questioned if you are discovered transporting on foot or in a motor vehicle more than you could carry if you were on foot with hands free. If the situation suggests that the items are stolen, then appropriate investigations or actions can be taken.

III. All citizens have the right to defend themselves adequately against an attacker that threatens their physical well being or the physical well being of individuals requiring aid.
*Common sense applied: If there is an immediately foreseeable method to avoid or resolve a situation involving physical threat without causing a death, then that is the preferred method. Sensible rules of engagement are applied. Excessive force or unusual actions may be investigated or found as criminal.

IV. A release of liability for the owner of a private property is assumed if they permit individuals to carry weapons on that property. In the event that weapons are prohibited on such premises, then the owner can be charged with the responsibility of protecting persons from criminal violence on such property. If a person is injured or killed by a criminal act because they’re prohibited from sufficiently defending their self on that property, then the owner may be found responsible. This liability of the owner does not apply if the injured or killed party was a willing participant to violent interaction.
*Common sense applied: A person is responsible for their own actions and the judgment of intoxicated persons is questionable in violent incidents. Criminal investigations will always exist when foul play is detected.

The goal of the Sensible Freedoms Bill is to allow citizens to immediately defend themselves or another, in any state, against any foreign or domestic threat. Criminal activity can expect to be discouraged by a well armed public. The effect of the Sensible Freedoms Bill will significantly reduce crimes against the citizenry. The right to life and liberty may not be infringed without expectation of forceful discord.

This document is literal and to be interpreted by individuals of rational sensibility pursuing liberty.

Drafted on Friday the fourteenth of March, two thousand and eight.
First revision on the twenty-first day of February, two thousand and ten.
Second revision on this seventh day of January, two thousand and thirteen.
This bill is open for comment and revision.

Written by,
Jeremy Edward Dion

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