Damages” are ultra short dark stories containing no more than one hundred words. The final sentence ends with the resolution of a relevant point, fact, or event. Damages are usually untitled and contain clever phrases conveying the most details with the least amount of words. It’s been stated this is the goal of writing damages.

The magician enters stage left and performs his main act for the unsuspecting audience. He opens his red cloak to reveal a reflective disc no bigger in diameter than a Frisbee. The magician throws the disc into the audience and decapitates the front row of spectators. The crowd roars with applaud, the magician takes his bow, and the curtains close. That night, the population was reduced by eight.

-Jeremy Edward Dion
Fire rips through the flickering corridor consuming peeling paint and aged wood it concealed. Beastly roaring of the colorful heat penetrates the air silencing any hope of suppressing panic. Odors from the crisping shells of the late permeate the stifling swell of animated smoke. The ceiling crashes in with torrid surfaces of structural embers searing what they impress. The world fades to black with a final discernible emotion of relief as distant cries of the quick are free of danger. No such fortune for the slow; just the memorable cremation service by your resident wrinkled stumblebum with the oil lamp.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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