Friday July 20, 2012:
James Eagan Holmes
If you shoot a mass murderer in a vital organ, they will stop their attack just like anyone else. An armed society is a free society. Assassins and psychos are free to try to attack and kill us, but there are laws that will place them in prison for doing so. The people must also be free to defend themselves against said attackers. Otherwise, only the criminals will be armed. And thus, the criminals will run the city. This is simple logic and observance of cause and effect.

Monday July 23, 2012:
The Plagueship
For several nights I’ve been having a progressive dream of a water pipe in the form of a naval battleship and its name is The Plagueship (unrelated to the Andrew North novel). It has a water reservoir and many chambers for holding ice and weed that are in route the path of the smoke. There is a reed installed that vibrates at a low tone like a 1940’s Doran Cunningham fog horn when a proper inhale is achieved. The Plagueship exists only in your mind and sails in from the fog of your dreams when you sit down to smoke. It can never be confiscated and is always ready to burn.

Monday August 6, 2012:
Sometimes I can’t bear to reflect. An unintentional side-effect of analyzing regret is the hopelessness for a chance of catharsis through explanation. Certainly there are more positive emotions to reflect upon than regret, but when you realize the effect every detail has upon the future (a profound realization only from years of life experience), you begin to see patterns. By this time there is so much effect amassed from your actions that it becomes very difficult to deviate. There is an emotional effect to hindsight. The benefit of having a bright past is there is little point for reflection, as the fewer mistakes has left a healthier future. If we can quickly learn from brief reflections to aid us in making better decisions, we will lessen our need to reflect as often. One should never dwell in regret unless they seek to ruin themselves.

Wednesday August 8, 2012:
Only the poor go to prison because only the rich can afford to feed them.

Friday September 7, 2012:
Because of intellectual property rights I don’t own music even if I buy it; so why buy it if I can listen to it for free? What exactly am I supposedly paying for if I buy it? Nothing can change this argument.

Monday September 24, 2012:
I keep meeting the women of my dreams. I’ve yet to do so awake.

Thursday October 4, 2012:
Everything humankind does to circumvent the natural processes of the body results in catastrophe. Chemical contraceptives have poisoned the earth and currently hold us below stable population growth.

Sunday November 11, 2012:
This is a response to: An Open Letter to Republicans: Your Country isn’t Coming Back
The country you so thoroughly explained as the republican model is not what any of us wanted. Romney was not the ideal candidate for the Republican Party, but he was chosen to spearhead it right into the dirt. The country has been polarized and brainwashed to follow either of only two candidates. The established government knows Romney is garbage, but they also know Obama is their boy, so they only give Romney and Obama proper campaign coverage. Of course no real candidate is selectable; you’re only allowed to be aware of two, or maybe even three, candidates that have already been bought.

I don’t believe in placing people into boxes like democrat or republican. A candidate that told the lies I wanted to hear wasn’t available to be elected, so I didn’t participate in this election. People represent themselves as republican or democrat to feel that they are being represented, but they are also told to display partisanship. This serves to fully polarize voters and forces original ideas out of the party, so very little real change can happen. The democrat and republican parties are the same. They speak from different perspectives but when either team has control they can only follow one playbook, this is why every time a representative is elected, they are discovered to be either a liar or lame.

Obama isn’t lame, he’s a liar. He deceived his party, his peers and the country; nothing will change. This is politics, not playschool. There are participants in our government that do not wish to be on the stage. The people behind the curtain playing the music and operating the levers are the people that run this nation. Elections are designed to keep their subjects temperate. Please don’t assume that voting makes a difference, especially when the votes are moderated through an electoral college and the electable candidates are followers, not leaders.

What is designed to happen will nearly always happen; few events of any significance happen by chance.

Thursday January 3, 2013:
There is no fear when confronted with such a malicious enemy as the oppressor. To risk death by the hands of enemies of truth and liberty brings me no fear. Inaction is to be feared most; to be still and silent in the face of the unjust. It can be difficult because the illusion of freedom is strong and people are hopeful that things aren’t becoming as bad as their gut tells them. At some point hope becomes the anchor of action for the optimist. My words to you are; be critical of your observations and thoughts. Know thyself. Trust in that gut feeling and react. But by any means necessary, do not be silent.

Sunday January 13, 2013:
Happy birthday to me.

Friday March 1, 2013:
I’m just clever enough to think my ideas could solve some of the worlds’ problems. So, I would be someone interested in politics. But I’m the wrong type of person to be politically involved. The purpose of politics is to serve public interest; not subject them to your will. A politician’s time is only valuable because the public has delegated it so. Politics are worthless without the trust of the public. Your word and actions are gold, but the amount of currency you possess should effect no change.

Thursday April 4, 2013:
Two weeks ago a capacitor popped on my primary system’s motherboard and the system began randomly halting. I’m guessing my power supply has gone bad and ultimately caused the problem but I’ve got a few things to test to trace the cause. I have all my backups secured but I’m in the process of altering how I do things and I won’t decide on a replacement system until I’m happy with the new methods.

I haven’t published for a while because I’ve become spoiled by writing all my works into an editor alongside windows of research materials. I currently can’t work in that manner and it is difficult for me to ignore my code and write directly into an unstable browser window. That feels too easy and like it detracts from effectiveness. I have filled up a college-ruled notebook pretty quickly though. I’ve missed writing by hand. There is something therapeutic about writing with pen. I’ve always been fascinated by calligraphy. It can take years to master your style. When I get things running again I’ll share some material. Until then, I’ll let the spider silk string these digital spaces.

Tuesday October 1, 2013:
The federal government shutdown today; a great opportunity.

Monday October 14, 2013:
People don’t see others as individuals; they see them as children, siblings, strangers, or friends. Until you’ve been selfish and done a thing entirely for yourself, they will continue to view you as lacking character.

Thursday October 24, 2013:
Sometimes you feel the universe is tunneling all its garbage through you. Sometimes it is.

Thursday September 11, 2014:
Fuck and destroy this occupation and all their murdering crony associates. Cutting corners for these types of sociopaths means leaving people in the building when they detonate the explosives. It’s one giant insurance scam with the benefit of spinning media to motivate a populous toward needless war. Fuck all these sick people. They better pray we remain non-violent because if we ever get to that point where it’s “all or nothing”, these fucks are the first to go. And they will go badly. Can’t leave any of these sickos alive. They’re like the German cockroach; you have to eradicate them all at the same time (including their spawns) to prevent continuity. Their legacy must end.

Monday January 26, 2015:
All a person ever really wants is something of their own. Something they can say is theirs even if it’s given to them. That responsibility can motivate them, and they begin to grow into their own person.

Wednesday March 4, 2015:
I’ve found now that when I sink into a groove and write out a scene, it becomes real in my head, much as if I lived it. It creates a memory like that as if it were real. This is an interesting occurrence because for the past 3 hours I’ve been writing fiction but the return is that of severe accomplishment from the memory of having played out those events during my creation process.

I can see now how writers can have an inflated sense of self-worth and ego. Having lived events that only happened from their perception. That is an important point in understanding the perspectives of others. I believe we all do that to an extent, but some more than others. I just wanted to share that experience while it was new and fresh.

Tuesday April 21, 2015
The science fiction of the real world outperforms much of what I could cook up with imagination. All I can do is use a knowledge of history to foresee what could come to pass. And in some amount of time, that narrative would be considered the work of much study, or prophecy to the uninitiated.

Tuesday June 2, 2015
Today I had a revelation that drastically altered my philosophy, pertaining to self-awareness and realization of the true process of being.

Tuesday November 24, 2015
Several nights ago I had a dream about a coiled snake on my left arm. It was not a constrictor, but a deadly striker. I examined the snake and discovered it had a kink in its body where the back half of its length began to hang off my arm. I was concerned for its health and began to aid it by attempting to uncoil and remove it from my arm. I took the back half of its body with my free hand and uncoiled it. When I got to where there was just one loop of its body remaining, I began to pull and it slid down my forearm. Just as the snakes’ head was clearing my hand, it struck at me, snagging the outside of my thumb with its right fang. I felt it slowly pierce my flesh. The pain was as I expected; sharp, foreign and slick. It was followed with a tingling burning sensation. I responded by quickly moving my right hand to just behind its head and squeezing. This caused the snake to unhinge. I lifted the snake from its bite and tossed it several feet away, then thought to recapture it for accurate identification.
And I woke.

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