I will only supply quotes I have designed. Because of extensive preexisting rhetoric and translations, some of my quotes will probably be similar to ones already established. I have not done that research and I do not knowingly use quotes from other people as seeds. Once I have published a quote on this page, it will remain intact. If I am to modify a published quote, it will be in revisions printed below the original.

I have read many quotes of other individuals and discussed their meanings, contexts and values. While it’s simple to create relevant quotes, they may only remain true for decades. It’s my observation that good quotes remain relevant for centuries. As a writer, it’s inherent that I want to improve the explanation of my interpretations and ideas. The skill of using carefully selected words to explain relevant truth becomes uncommon as the average intelligence declines. I practice to elevate that average.

I have discovered a great deal of truth from my studies and projects. These quotes are the groomed product of the shorthand from my realizations. I have refined them into popular language as soon as initial shorthand was completed, thus none of their relevance was lost by translation. Because context assists comprehension, I have fashioned a rudimentary categorical arrangement. I hope you discuss & reference (or at least enjoy) my words.

“Criminals will always have weapons that law-bound citizens cannot.”

“One who is capably armed to commit heinous crimes is equally capable of defending against said criminals.”

“Government is the greatest threat to security.”

“It is surely sensible to fight for your freedom, and wholly illogical to fight for slavery. The Constitution is your guard against tyranny.”

“The ideal execution of justice would be balance; a type of complimentary reaction to action. If this be the case, then the world is just and all is in balance.”

“The number of opportunities to affect the world is proportionate to the level of responsibility accepted.”

“Hypocrisy is mans greatest evil.”

“A blank page waiting for ink has the most dangerous potential, as ideas are the cause for change.”

“The noble lie cannot exist for long among an environment of free communication. The internet has dismantled the American noble lie and this is a good thing.”

“Truth is the only route to justice; without it there is only judgment.”

“There is no solution devoid of suffering for the problem of tyranny. Either the free or the tyrannous will be removed, and will not be done without forceful confrontation.”

“There is no solution devoid of suffering for the problem of tyranny. Either the free or the tyrannous will be removed, and not without forceful confrontation.”

“Lies don’t ever protect the truth.”

“An individual must be an idealist of principle lest they falter toward hedonism.”

“Honesty’s benefit comes from not lying to yourself. For being constantly truthful to others places you at a disadvantage.”

“Learning lessons that require being low is harder for people with higher bottoms.”

“Power is a beautiful weapon to bestow upon a vulnerable enemy.”

“Loans are the fastest vehicle offered for bankrupting nations.”

“A lottery is a Ponzi scheme with a steady supply of investors.”

“I prefer real life over video games because progress is auto-saved.”

“In the hierarchy of intellect, God is ultimate.”

“There is nothing wrong with insanity, just something wrong with everyone else.”
“There is nothing wrong with insanity, just something wrong with the majoritarian perspective.”

“People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they get and sometimes they deserve it.”

“Society is an obstacle for human nature.”

“No one is qualified to say they speak the truth; you can only suspect them to believe it as so.”

“Not everything is categorized into little boxes. It’s your interpretation from perception that classifies. You could still be wrong.”

“The palaces people build about themselves are as fragile as sand castles. With their emotions as the rising tide, people defeat themselves.”

“Even when a judge defines you, they can’t see all that you are.”

“Irony is not understanding it’s beneath you.”

“No one likes to eat crow, but everyone loves to say I told you so.”

“The only thing left to conquer is ourselves.”

“Knowledge of the equation reduces the result.”

“If you were smart or brave enough, you would be using best judgment instead of supporting policy.”
“If you were smart or brave enough then you would be using judgment instead of policy to guide decisions.”

“There is no position for reasoning in policies; groups utilizing them hinder compassion and fairness.”
“There is no position for reasoning in policy. Groups utilizing policies, are impotent of compassion and fairness.”

“The problem with explaining freedom, or writing a doctrine to ensure it, is that it becomes tarnished and vulnerable by the clumsiness of words.”

“Uniformity is a symbol of obedience to policy and hierarchic authority; subjugating reason and wisdom.”

“If you want to attract an equally intelligent mate, you should look as smart as you think.”

“Anyone who prides oneself on their relations presents themselves well.”

“The number one resource that is equally abundant and crucially important to man is woman.”

“You can try informing others they’ve become vacuous, but it will often prove a fruitless undertaking.”

“Heroes get demonized by villains.”

“An individual’s allegiance to another can be stronger than to their own morality.”

“Nothing is more rewarding to a storyteller than strong affirmation.”

“I’d give my left brain to be symmetrical.”
“I’d give my right brain to be symmetrical.”

“A voter is someone motivated to action by lies.”

“The proper way to watch a film so as to not be helpless to intentional or inadvertent programming is with a critical awareness.”

“What good is time if it’s unspent?”

“All governments should have their wars, but they should fight them.”

“There are not as many stupid questions as there are stupid people that don’t ask them.”

“The ones that don’t talk to themselves are the ones hearing voices in their heads.”

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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