Penitent Articulations

I should have wanted to avoid the frozen lake that day.
I should not have tried on another’s glasses when I was a second grader.
I would like to have been more aggressive with the girls of my youth.
I should not have said what I said that day on the playground.
I should have turned off the television and read more books as a child.
I wish I drank more water and juices instead of other beverages as a teenager.
I should have opted to stay home when my sister took the Rambler for a drive.
I should have experimented less but performed more.
I should have dedicated much attention to my public education.
I would like to have been more patient with that one girl.
I wish I had looked harder for a better job in Charleston.
I should have embraced the autonomous social networks instead of avoiding them.
I regret failing to watch my bare footing when I had company in my room.
I should not have tried to do push-ups when I was under the effects of alcohol.
I should have seized several more moments when I was in South America.
I should have been on a dental plan earlier to avoid the disadvantages now.
I regret not consistently exiting my comfort zone the past decade.
I wish I had been better at expressing myself to those that affect me.
I should have worn shoes while walking in the dark.
I should have been patient after the mud dauber nest removal. (2016/05/07)

Had this series of unfortunate events not taken place, I would not be the person I am today. And because of that logic, I regret these actions.

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