Neutralizing Throne


I sit atop a throne, set to rule alone
King of small ideas, and curt fears of lame deals
No place beside, caring not where to reside
Roam aimless of goal, and hope life to unfold
Present with an option, losing time to set mind
Calling on old flames, hope heart put ablaze
Though muscle toughens, time hastens thirst
Desire goes unchecked, a blur to character occurs
A suppression of self, self-suppressed
Old wounds opened, paralyzed with emotions
Noxious ichor spreads, my annulling sins
Proof of burden, gaze upon the sword
Every moment counts, or it’s life no more
Damocles deceased, from neutralizing throne
Lesson half-learned, choose to be alone

I’m out of place, not where I need to be
So upset I have no time for rhymes
While in line for birth
People wanted lemons
I was handed limes