Campaign for Truth

“When a history book contains no lies it is always tedious.” -Anatole France
(This quote was chosen for its relevance, but it’s understood from his work that Anatole France was a socialist that preferred a bit of lies and ignorance.)

I may have to assume the role of historian. I’m concerned about the integrity of education. I’ve noticed sour elements within society have changed historical notation. Their first reaction is to deny the alterations. After insistent questioning, it’s claimed to be done for “inclusivity” or “progress”. These are excuses repeated by foolish people and I can’t get them to say who’s pulling their strings, if anyone.

Widespread public progress is automatic if left unregulated. Inclusivity is also automatic as individuals choose with whom to be involved. It’s called discrimination, and it’s not a dirty word. Everyone discriminates automatically. It’s what keeps each of us safe, and also able to choose fresh produce. Historically, the effective reasoning of lying to the public was to propagandize and persuade the impressionable young into particular camps and ideologies. I believe this is constantly occurring. The truth of the past is obfuscated and another generation is misled, ripe for similar mistakes. Informed decisions cannot be built upon a foundation of lies. I am able; therefore I have a responsibility to research, argue, debate, reveal, and record the truth. I feel that’s likely what is involved in historical studies.

As far as organized education is concerned, the various educational departments make the decisions of curriculum content for public schools. They also respond as unaware shills of historical alterations. It will have to be investigated to discover how this practice can be put to an end. I’m certain the editors of historical publishing houses are aware of the alterations. I will have to get their response to the discovery of this practice. I still believe the best education is obtained by a critically-thinking mind, but a private school comprised of a morally honest faculty is a close second. And good luck finding one.

I have to begin by writing what I know and supply the evidence. Once I’ve built solid arguments with supporting articles. I can begin accusing the “historical” publishing houses of operating as negative propagandists instead of historians. There are already some easy targets, but an effective campaign for truth takes organization and preparedness. This isn’t a fight to enter into while ignoring politics.

-Jeremy Edward Dion