Never Go Home

Concerning the phrase: “You can never go home.”
I thought I knew what this meant. I learned some things tonight about someone I haven’t checked on since I left the state of my birth. Now I understand what this phrase means.

It doesn’t relate to a physical home, your childhood or even who you were. This phrase has every bit to do with the people you held in your memory as ideal or “safe havens” from your childhood. You knew that no matter where you were in life, those people would always be as you remembered them. It is a selfish thought , and most likely unfair to them, but you don’t associate with them anymore so it was okay. Family is often exempt from this practice because you continue to know them.

The modern era of social media has a way of shattering your safeties of protected memories because you can learn instantly that people are not as they were. I suppose my ignorance of their progress was a way to stay young and ignore the insanity of the adulting movement, but I can’t say that learning of their alleged “progress” has been beneficial.

I don’t feel happy. Normally I would laugh at the knowledge of someone’s social perversions, but I’ve already loosened my emotional bindings with drink this evening, thinking it was safe to do so. Then I learn of something that should only have indirectly affected me, but instead destroyed an idea of someone I apparently used as psychological armor. It was always a place to go to for “home”. I somehow related the idea of someone innocent but older from my childhood, as a key to an untouched purity and safety. Learning from social media of the reality, and thus perverting the idea of that person, has disturbed waters that were long left calm. I will always be responsible for what I do, but I cannot predict how I will react to this. Luckily I felt inclined to write of the idea as it was a fresh experience.

I feel in a rush to finish this piece only because I’m recoiling in horror of this experience and thinking of an unopened wine bottle in the kitchen. I don’t want to deal with these ideas. I always had that one person that I didn’t follow-up on; but now I learned the endless “progressive” modern social perversion has compromised even them. There is truly no home to go back to. My ideas of people are shattered as they have all sacrificed decency for faddish hedonism.

I guess this is simply growing older, and I feel dumb for it taking what I feel is longer than most, but I feel more inclined toward hating everyone, impartially for various related reasons.

I’m smart enough to know that hate is useless and burns people up inside, but no other emotion is instantly gratifying for cooling me from real action. I guess that makes me a hedonist like all the others I’ve grown to despise. I can’t talk to them, because my sacrifice, felt, makes me hate them more. I would have been better off falling into the stream and letting its current take me with everyone else; but no, I had to think myself better than allowing compromise and fought it to this point. Now I remain so far upstream that I can’t relate to the perverted irrational mess that society has become. I don’t recognize my countrymen. Are you a he or a she? How do I address you!? These are trivial matters when globalism is trying to eradicate your culture. I can’t prioritize toward your identity crisis! I would be comfortable with all of your idiocy if your leftist system accepted that others will make mistakes. But even a first grader is reprimanded for calling a twisted kid of ignorant parents by their previous name.

It’s too much effort to remember everyone’s particular daily identity. You’ve obviously made mistakes with your sexual identity, so you should allow others similar forgiveness. These are the effects of parents being told to listen to their kids and that the “schools know best”.

I will set the world to rites:
A. Kids are dumb.
B. Adults are classically more wise.
C. You’re the parental adult.
D. You cannot trust others to raise your children.
E. Schools are statist entities populated by compromised shills.
F. Kids will believe propaganda presented to them.
G. School is propaganda.
H. Be mindful of history, education and the accuracy of facts.

There are more points to make but I’d run out of letters. It is clear that the social problems of today are because of the failures of yesterday. Every person that is wise has failed every person that is ignorant. And our failure has doomed everyone to repeat the trials we settled long ago. America’s education system has failed. We are in revolt because the trust is lost.

I have been holding these ideas back because I didn’t want to admit them. I’ve had a track record of writing something observational and it comes to pass. I didn’t want to be prophetic with such dark views. But I have a responsibility, at least to my morality, if no one else. I’ll say what those of us with any sense can plainly see.

If the Americas want to tear itself apart, I will give that. I need some excitement in my life anyway. The result will be most will lose what the presently have. Regime change doesn’t simply mean you’ve changed the face of the puppet. You wanted a communist state? You got one! Here it comes. Those family-sized coffin liners are about to be used. If you don’t understand my reference then you’ve never gone beyond fake news media, and you’re part of the people I wish to reach.

But I’m tired. I’m far too damaged or conflicted to care about education I believe should be common among adults. I’m a fan of “Live and Let Live”. I won’t harm anyone until they come to my stoop to dictate terms of how I am to live. Authoritarians, communists, socialists, and fascists have been known to do that; so I have an aversion to the ignorant authoritarianism of BLM, ANTIFA and the “anarchists” that have no philosophy of the nature of the terms of their identities.

Or one could say I’m jealous; that’s all. I can’t ignore the world as it is. I wish I could ignore what I’ve learned and turn my head and laugh and play, but I see the design to society and know it was manufactured by a relatively small group of people that can’t leave others be.

I sense some people know I hold back a lot of what I really think. Most of them believe I’m a coward because of the various behavioral insecurities they juggle. I keep cool by letting it amuse me. Others believe I’m conflicted and so I must torture myself. The truth of my nature is far less interesting. If I unleashed all that I know with supporting arguable points, I would be completely cut off from everyone. Maybe that is only a feeling. Maybe I’m delusional and my opinion isn’t that powerful, but logic has a way of fucking the psychosis-afflicted folks up and driving them to recoil in horror. Proof of this would be to look at these protesters driven to riot because the factual evidence of the world doesn’t align with what they want to believe is true. It’s a source of great angst for these misinformed twits and the loudest majority of them resort to violence and property damage because they can’t formulate arguments.

Violence without purpose is chaos. But if you’ve exhausted all reasonable avenues of debate and result in being truly oppressed, then a legitimate movement could be formed as a catalyst for genuine change. But still, the core problem with these idiots is a lack of historical data. We don’t hear about the beneficially societal implementations of communism because, well.. Name one. / Right. Everyone likes to think they can be the first to be “amazing communists”. Here’s a message to all you wanna-be commies: Authoritarianism isn’t better than common golden rule morality. Live and let live. The closest thing to voluntary association is a republic modeled after the golden rule. Communism is authoritarian by basic implementation. Get over yourselves! Your professors are greater idiots than yourselves and they’ve steered you aground on the shores of fantasy. Living among each other is quite simple: Don’t make trouble for others, and don’t accept the burden of others. Be responsible for yourself. No one else will care for you. If ever anyone comes to do real physical harm, defend yourself. Apply common sense to everything.

That’s all I want to say. I’m evidently disappointed with the publicized version of society. Fuck the lot of you.

-Jeremy Edward Dion