Trump 2016

It will be interesting to see Donald Trump as president. I’m looking forward to this. There were a lot of corrupt forces behind a Hillary Clinton presidency, and I’m impressed and relieved they were defeated. I’m glad we have an opportunity to be on good terms with Russia. Hillary seemed set on war, probably to please the bloody globalist profiteers that supported her.

I was absolutely sure Hillary would be president because of the amount of corruption that was leading up to this election process. It’s good to be wrong here, and to be surprised by this outcome. We have to see if these results stick, and they don’t bicker about election fraud and all the dead people that voted.. for Hillary.

I think it’s ironic that Obama advocated illegal immigrants toward voter fraud. What his small mind likely doesn’t understand is they probably voted for Trump. Either way, I think the illegal immigrant votes would cancel out the deceased votes, so it balanced out.

Now we need to make sure Trump makes good on his campaign arguments. I’d like to finally see a candidate that isn’t a lying shill. It would make many people real happy to see the IRS revealed as the corrupt mafia organization they are, and finally eradicated. Third parties should have no right to weasel into private deals and garnish income. The destruction of the corrupt IRS is something I’d like to see unfold.

Perhaps Obama will never enjoy his mansion in Dubai. Maybe he incriminated himself, thinking that Hillary would have his back when she became president. Maybe they’re both candidates for prison now. Of course they’ll never do time. It’s always big fines and a slap on the wrist for these types of criminals. Perhaps that too will change in an America made great again. Hopeful, I know.

-Jeremy Edward Dion