Kelly Thomas, Killed for Being Human

You have to really hate someone to beat them into a coma. What was the previous relationship between the murderers and Kelly Thomas? Obviously, you wouldn’t murder someone in this way if you didn’t hate them. So how did this happen? Kelly Thomas was killed out of hate for being human; certainly more human than his murderers.


I’ve stated this before but I think it should be restated today and underlined. A thug is a thug. No matter what the thug wears, what authority they claim to possess, how much training they’ve received, who their friends are, or which shiny badge they’re sporting; a thug will always be a thug. Former officers Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos are worse than average thugs, they’re meatheads. These murderers are a great example of the worst cops could become just before a total system collapse into anarchy.

Regardless of all circumstances, if one or more individuals with instruments can beat to death an unarmed individual they just confronted, and then be acquitted of the appropriate criminal charges; then we are living in the likeness of an anarchic transition. At this point, the same can happen to anyone, by anyone. But be warned, groups of people still possessing a moral sense of justice will seek you out for your crime, regardless of paper law. Moral law must always supersede paper law. The evidence is a clear and audible video of multiple gang members savagely beating a victim, even beyond the victims surrender and subsequent cries for help. The man is beat into a coma and later dies at the hospital.

You must understand, that at the first sign of violent assault by the officers, they’re no longer within the protective realm of “peace officer”. The cops have now morally fired themselves from active duty, engaged in criminal activity and became a gang-related threat with a giant tactical advantage against Kelly Thomas. And a threat of such magnitude must be either evaded or met with equal force. Naturally, the victim (being unarmed) tried to flee because he is outmatched. This is the natural and correct action to take when attacked by multiple thugs, but they quickly tackled Kelly Thomas and proceeded to beat him into a coma. Meathead thug cops like these are trained to do exactly this. They would have to be because they were acquitted. They could only be acquitted if it was decided they followed protocol. Meaning, if they did more than what they were legally able to do, they should have been found guilty. But they went far outside any moral protocol, and anyone outside the protection of the shiny metal shield gang would not get away with a murder carried out in this manner. This is called a double standard. And if the state is the perpetrator of the double standard, then the state is illegal. Cops are not to be given any liberty that civilians cannot already exercise. And by that logic; anyone can now approach, intimidate, initiate force, and beat to death anyone else without fear of conviction by that states justice system. But remember, the system will cherry-pick its convictions, and there lies the double standard. So we’ve deduced that the state is only operating in the interest of the shiny metal shield gang, not the public. Anarchy, under this ruling, is now the only way to achieve justice. That being discovered, we should discuss the transition period of anarchy.

During a time of anarchy, there are still moral laws to follow unless we welcome rampant murder and chaos. If you, as an individual with your severe lack of detection and communication skills, cause the death of someone you’ve just encountered, then you may be met with swift punishment. You should at least be removed from the land and exiled from the community because you are a danger to the public if you can’t encounter people without beating on them. This is how these matters used to be handled in simpler forms of society, which we now seem to be heading toward. Proven murderers of such an obvious fashion were just put to death in the older forms of governance, and usually in public in gruesome fashion. So keep that in mind if you decide to engage in the practice of anarchy. A strong example of punishment of what happens to those that step outside the moral code of law has always been the deterrent against thuggery. I believe that in a liberal society, thuggery is increased because the punishment becomes weaker. It’s arguable whether a life of imprisonment is worse than death but there is a conflict of interest against societal justice when there is a prison industrial complex lobbying legislators and buying the judicial system. Everyone is imprisoned for minor infractions and fewer are executed for severe crimes. And if you’re an organized motorized armed gang, you can get away with murder.

There is a method of survival against these types of meathead thugs. Method one, Groveling: Appealing to the ego of the thug is simple if you care not for your honor. The meathead thug mentality must feel that your will is nonexistent or inferior to theirs. You must give them your full attention, act ashamed of yourself, and display a cowering or otherwise non-threatening posture. As long as you appeal to the ego of the meathead simpleton, you can manipulate them like tools. Method two, Standing your ground: By all means do not make a “stand of character” against the meathead thug archetype unless you are well groomed and look like you could know someone in legislative government. Gangs are all about social connections, so you have to keep your possible ties to his superiors a mystery. The shiny metal shield gang is an organized motor gang that is also a strong gun club; and you paid for it. This gang is extremely dangerous. As we’ve seen in the Kelly Thomas case; this gang can confront you, start a fight, multiply in numbers, and ultimately kill you. They are then acquitted of all charges. This verdict is either a testament to the diminished moral judgment of a handful of groupthink Californians, or a strong example of jury tampering and systematic corruption. Hmm.. Both.

Kelly Thomas

Any reprisal for the sake of moral justice would have to come at the hands of those that are at a loss. The family would have to set a bounty on those that were involved in the slaying of Kelly Thomas. Mercenaries and paramilitary types are excellent at these types of specialized jobs, and they certainly do operate on US soil. I’m not condoning anything illegal, rather a moral reaction could be expected to occur. Perhaps the family members would start a Bitcoin bounty fund that could be transferred as payment upon completion of desired tasks. The blatant display of corruption has really struck a nerve in the core of society, and I don’t think this false government will endure much longer. I feel that soon people will start taking moral justice into their own hands. At which point the state will respond the only way it knows how and call in more force, and that will accelerate toward total outright dissolution of what little republic government remains. We will have anarchy with spots of oppression, communities of secretive civilians, tyranny from totalitarians trying to hold on to whatever power they think they have, and after years of chaos and suffering, we’ll have a type of reformation of like individuals, and then hopefully a reset to core moral values backed by a new republic with common law respect for fellow sovereign peoples. But all of this cannot come without our strong and forceful dissent against corruption first. It is my nature to know the state of the world now, and this is where I estimate we’re headed.

-Jeremy Edward Dion