The Negligent Majority

the negligent majorityI think I’ve written enough of these serious articles. I don’t see a future in writing about anything beyond pie recipes, bicycling, applying makeup properly, food trends, drawing guinea pigs, duck-hunting hillbillies, walking barefoot in snow, hacking a toaster, or poetry. Certainly poetry is important for cultural self-expression but these other topics are meat-grinder tripe called filler fluff pieces. And with the rampant “Collective ADHD” people have so warmly embraced as an excuse to be nearly retarded and display repulsive undisciplined behavior, these filler fluff pieces are the extent of what their degenerate brains will comprehend. So the general mass of mobile meat bags only read and write these easy articles. As a result, the general mass is lazy or unfit to employ a critical thinking process and it’s no mystery why they support malevolent or inept individuals to represent them… They themselves are either malevolent or inept; perhaps the general mass is represented appropriately after all.

However, it is unfortunate people refuse to see the danger they have put themselves and others in. Trust is not to be given freely, and certainly not to government. This practice extends far beyond naivety into negligence. There is more than enough information available on the corrupt nature of government and those that seek control, and to ignore the history is to murder the future. The majority population is decadent and either ignorant or irresponsible, but more likely all of the above. Most are simply uninformed of the true nature of things and won’t endeavor to educate themselves. They are too busy self-medicating and surfing or participating in brainwashing exercises.

There is something wrong with the public body when all of 19 adults approached near a coin shop will not trade $25 dollars for a verifiable 1 ounce gold coin. This fact displays a significant lack of modern day values. If I didn’t have the cash, I would sell my watch and the shirt off my back to take that deal. Take a flaming match to a gold coin and see what happens, then take another flaming match to a $50 dollar note and observe the result. Only one of them lasts, and you are mentally ill if you can’t determine which will survive the trial of time.

My ultimate point is this: If I’m going to continue being a writer, I’m going to have to start publishing filler fluff pieces too. I’ll have to suppress my real interests for articles about current events, politics, values, honor, critical thinking, and logic; and instead entice my audience with tripe about implants, tattoos, piercings, gigantic soda drinks, sports players, bling, sex, uses for strawberries, and video game guides.

So I won’t be writing regularly to Logicalmynd unless I absolutely can’t suppress a topic of real importance. Most of my published works now will be the garbage people read, but it still won’t be found here. I’ll most likely post them elsewhere under a metro-sexual pseudonym whose biography describes itself as an ADHD pill-popping socially-networked energy drink pounding shameless monster of a person-like being. I’ve discovered these are the types of writers the public values. So to Hell with logic and decency. It’s pointless to inform people on the state of the world; they don’t care to know it. Perhaps in a century people will be interested in knowing what it was like today, but since our educational system adopts a rewritten history at the command of government Common Core Standards, I see little purpose in writing a journal of what will someday be a refuted and controversial past. It will only serve to confuse students if the work even survives a century of censorship.

I bid thee farewell. I hope more of us wake up before we kill each other.

Or: I have written this entire article in satire as an example of the time people waste writing and reading drivel. You be the judge. If you’ve received any real information from this article that may alter how you perceive the world or your decision making, then perhaps your time wasn’t better spent watching It’s Always Sunny.

-Jeremy Edward Dion