9/11 Fear Propaganda, Revisited

Tell Lie VisionIt was Saturday August 24, 2013. I was riding along with my mother out to a FedEx shipping center in Greeley, Colorado to pick up a package that wouldn’t have made it to the cabin until Monday. There was a national bike race headed through the area that day and all packages to Estes Park and Allenspark were flagged undeliverable.

After hours of driving and being forced to take improvised exits and back roads, we arrive at the FedEx center. It’s an unassuming beige metal and concrete building surrounded by fields of nothing. The facility itself had a medium-sized parking lot that seemed it could accommodate thirty cars but only had about six parked. The building is encircled by a tall iron fence that would be difficult to scale without a ladder. There is a concrete walkway from the parking lot that leads to a camera surveilled security checkpoint terminal positioned to the right of a caged turnstyle. We pressed a call button on the terminal and were buzzed through, unlocking the turnstyle. Now inside the fence, we walked directly across a small paved road that circled the building to another concrete walkway and a windowless door with a keypad and about 20 multicolored signs plastered all over and around the door informing you of site restrictions. With so many negative messages; it was very uninviting. No Firearms, No Smoking, No Sudden Movements, No Unattended Packages, No Shady Beggars, No Free Thinking! Whatever. Not a single sign instructed you what could be done. Looking to the left, I noticed the walkway continued to a more inviting door with no signs whatsoever, and the door had windows near it. This usually means there is an office near, that must be it. We head over to the friendly door, open and step inside. We’re now standing in what appears to be a hallway checkpoint trap area with security glass to the left that looks into an unpopulated office area and a hefty glass door six feet in front of us that must enter into that area. We proceed through the glass door. We’re greeted by an attractive studious looking girl in her mid-twenties and an older lady. We mentioned we had called earlier and were there to pick up the package. While that business was unfolding,
I said, “This place is more secure than some prisons.”
To which, the young girl of about 25 replied, “We have to be since 9/11.”
The older woman remained on task and silent.

I was awestruck. I let out an exaggerated “Okay…” and remained silent until the end of the transaction. I thought to myself, ‘Is she for real? This is Colorado in the middle of nowhere. How is this a tactical target? This is FedEx, not a water processing plant or a crucial service pipeline.’ There was a moment immediately afterward that I hated her for her uneducated response. I was disgusted by what she said. She was easy on the eyes but may have no thoughts of her own behind those now seemingly less-attractive eyes. That was the dumbest phrase I’ve heard in months. It upset me because I didn’t know if that was a FedEx-Corporate programmed response, or if she really thought that a Muslim extremist terror cell in Colorado would possibly select their facility as a target or base of operations for staging Colorado attacks.

Then I remembered she is 25’ish. She would have been 13 during the 2001 demolition of the three New York Trade Center buildings, the missile strike that hit the closed portion of The Pentagon and the bodiless plane debris that was dumped in a fresh ditch in Pennsylvania. She would not have yet developed any critical thinking or validating research process. Those skills often only develop for dedicated students during college projects, and it’s even a flip of the coin if an individual develops those skills at all. The thirteen year old most likely ate up the fear propaganda served by the popular media outlets, the misinformation from her parents and the fabricated history from her government controlled school. And to top it all off, she probably later voted for Obama, twice, solely because he’s a tall thin black man with very little political history that preaches “Change!”

I’m telling this story because I wanted to highlight that the fear campaign and false flags perpetrated by the black operation assets of the US Government have surely succeeded in ensnaring the average compartmentalized neo-yuppie workforce employee in a net of fear and lies. Also, there are people that actually believe that their government doesn’t lie to them. More so, that if the government did lie, it would be for the benefit of the citizenry.

I will say this now.


However; I assure you that the Thought Police exist and they’re in your television, your food, your schools, and your medication. The events of September 11, 2001 were part of a scientific model of control, utilizing the basic emotions to steer and manipulate public opinion. Many fell victim that day, not just those our government murdered in New York. A lot of you lost your free will and were robbed of much truth the following years. I am sad that so many relatively innocent people can be so easily trapped by lies and fear. I blame the lack of minerals or vitamins in their food. I blame their medications. I blame their entertainment choices. I blame their faith in government. And most of all, I blame them. I have become bitter to these types of people. I can’t stand their senseless babbling of slogans and packaged rhetoric. They disgust me, but I’m working at turning that into a more positive useful emotion or energy. I wish to help them but spending a day explaining the state of the world to every idiot I meet is a waste of time better spent staring off into space, because that’s their reaction when engaging idiots on these matters.

Have a happy and informative False Flag Day! Go read a book.
I suggest Plato’s The Republic or Orwell’s 1984.

-Jeremy Edward Dion