A Future As Cold As The Grave

cold unknown graveThe natural state of any process is consistency. Change in a well established system requires a great deal of energy. Progress of a system is done by a collection of forces. But that progress is pointless if it entails removing freedoms. Tyranny is not progress. The tyranny perpetrated in the US is performed by forces breaking constitutional law. Make no mistake that I am speaking to you that break these laws. Those that wear armor, entering peoples homes, trained that everyone is suspect. You are the ones inciting fear. You are mercenaries, following orders for payment. You are very low.

Your groups can drop bombs from the sky, kick in doors, execute innocents, and bring structures and cities to ruin with no threat of consequence. Why do you fear free people? Free people have never brought such destruction to one another. It has always been you mercenaries of governments.

Any man, under any flag, operating on any order, with any association, or with a presumption of authority entering a home of any rightfully presumed innocent family, group or person, to display weapons and place the subjects in harms way, slavery or to seize property; that man shall expect to be rightfully resisted with deadly force.

The fact that I have to state this and set the world to rights means we are in a world of anarchy. Many believe we do not have anarchy. But any government that performs actions contrary to its basic laws is no government at all; it is merely a group, and thus rightfully subject to resistance. Grouping is autonomous but a stable free government requires effort. Meanwhile, anarchy is everlasting. When government is populated by the lazy, you just have anarchy with a tyrannical group in power.

The smart way to ensure you survive during a period of sole anarchy is to distance yourself from tyrannous groups. Tyranny is the titanic cutting its way through dark waters; massive, arrogant and blind. If you’re on that boat of lazy decadence, your future is cold as the grave.

– Jeremy Edward Dion

The Slinky Drop

The Slinky
My explanation for dropping a hanging slinky:

The contraction force (the spring attraction) in a slinky is like a resistance and is retarding the travel of kinetic information from the top of the slinky to its bottom. The point of change is at the top because that is where the state change begins (we drop it). The top of the slinky is falling faster than the rate of free fall because it’s rate of downward motion is amplified by its inward (and in this case, vertical) contraction forces. The bottom of the slinky does not move because the contraction force is retarding and outrunning the free fall force and kinetic information, therefore the bottom acts unaware it was let go at the top. This effect happens to such a degree that the top of the slinky, and other parts below, race downward to impact the bottom of the slinky in a surprising fashion. This occurrence often causes much debate.

Hanging SlinkyRemember: The slinky is not stretched out in a uniform manner because the top is supporting more weight than the parts of the slinky at the bottom, so the contraction forces are off-center and concentrated at the top, and they are variable. This causes: a great deal of added acceleration downward at the top, while entirely nullifying the upward attraction at the bottom, and the bottom also holds in equilibrium against the downward gravity force until it is impacted by the slinky parts above. Again, the contraction force is amplified at the top because it is stretched out more than it is at the bottom.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Check out this slinky experiment in action: