Jackson’s Obscene Propaganda

After watching this garbage, I was compelled to respond.

The base of the argument to vote for Obama is based on a number of lies. The same is said for Romney. While Samuel L. Jackson is all fired up about voting for Obama and spreading his obscene slogan in his favor, he has allowed himself to be deceived by assertive propaganda. Very little fact-checking went into Obama’s eligibility to be president. That is a giant red flag. Regardless if you vote for party members or independent thinkers, we must follow the rule of law. Obama isn’t eligible to be president. His official released birth records are layered Photoshop documents. This has been proven by numerous individuals with the document obtained from whitehouse.gov. Just because you love the idea of a man and what you want to believe he stands for; doesn’t mean you should ignore the lies surrounding him. You must stay objective, connect the dots and base your decisions on information grounded in reality. Propaganda like this is a wonderful display of passion for a cause, but it is misguided.

Our Constitution is founded on the model of a republic. This doesn’t mean we can’t have democracy, but left or right or middle isn’t what the public should focus on for a presidential election. Democracy is a tool for polarizing a society; to diminish the choices to fewer options. Historically, it always reigns just before a collapse of public liberty. Democracy is great for smaller areas, like townships or states. Democracy over a larger area suppresses a greater number of people. Each incident of decision making shouldn’t be governed by grand predefined regulations. If this be the case, the corruptive element of humankind infects the system and eventually rules by force. We have states for the very reason to deter this from happening. States that want to support gay marriage can exist so the gay people have a place to be heard and represented. Meanwhile, there are people that don’t want to live or raise their children in a community of gay people, so they live in states that don’t allow gay marriage. What is acceptable for California may not be acceptable for Iowa. These decisions are not for the executive branch, so those talking points are null and void. The states must reign supreme in their decisions.

It is the only job of the U.S. government to manage our interstates, borders and basic postal communication. They have a number of organizations to accomplish that including the military branches and a handful of other secretive organizations. For the government to mandate across the nation that a person can or cannot do something is far from their authority. All states have laws against murder and theft, followed by other common sense restrictions. Why should it be made any more complicated by adding a dictator that reigns supreme? The presidency is not supposed to be such an important decision because they aren’t supposed to have this level of authoritative control. So when someone says “We need to return to our republic”, they aren’t speaking about a political party. It’s not about democrat or republican. It’s about small government without oppressive taxation and local state government reigning supreme. It’s about voting for someone that will listen to the states instead of telling them what to do. Neither candidate is willing to do this because they don’t work for us.

I only wish that the people with the passion to get involved in politics have the prerequisites to understand it. The teaching of critical thinking skills has been in decline for decades and now we’re seeing its dangerous effects. To stay objective in politics, you must understand the techniques of propaganda and how they’re used to manipulate. For example, Jackson claims “Obama sent seals to bin Laden’s place; Romney sent jobs overseas.” Whether the argument of a seal team operation took place to get bin Laden on that day is true or not, Jackson is comparing the actions of Obama as president to Romney which has never been president. Romney has no authority to command a seal team; meanwhile Obama has also sent jobs out of the country. Samuel L. Jackson’s comment, in this case, is a card-stacking argument based on an assertion; two forms of propaganda combined. It’s quite popular to mix techniques and most people do this as second nature. People who have participated in debate clubs are well aware of the effectiveness of this method. Since there is training involved in identifying and deciphering propaganda, a lot of passionately involved people claim to not have time to do the research, or they’re lazy. This is unfortunate. Please take note of the methods.

-Jeremy Edward Dion