I believe we are deceived about many things. Something I’ve been thinking about this past week is the origin of our species. This is a subject that is debated at great length and with many details assumed to be fact.

History is written by those who claim to know it or are repeating what others have previously stated. There is no authority on truth other than the self. Your first hand knowledge is all you can really know. The one thing that is certain while receiving a lecture from a history professor is that it is happening to you. What historians claim to know is what they have come to suspect from their experiences. And so the students, being less educated, will assume such as truth because they have less study time than the professor. This is the natural order of passing knowledge onward. This is the only way it can be done and that is fine.

I have long expected more is happening in the education department than what is logically deduced in argument. I believe there is a movement to maliciously conceal truths to further manipulate society. I first conceptualized the threat of malicious activity while thumbing through my college history book (America : A Narrative History / George Brown Tindall, David Emory Shi.—5th ed.) sometime after class in 2000. On page 1521 of this book it states, word for word: “What Kennedy would have done thereafter has remained a matter of endless controversy among historians, endless because it is unanswerable and unanswerable because on November 22, 1963, while visiting Dallas, he was shot in the neck and head by Lee Harvey Oswald.” It goes on to say his motives were unknown and there are some conspiracies that claim otherwise.

Now it is important to understand that Lee Harvey Oswald was never convicted of Kennedy’s assassination. Oswald was killed two days later, most likely due to the building evidence supporting Oswald’s claims of innocence. There was such an outcry of anger and distrust that a commission had to be started to stick the guilt on Oswald so they can cease any further investigations into the matter. Oswald is dead and unable to defend himself and the results of the commission were no surprise and only served to motivate countless private investigations which have since resolved the issue. I’m a gun guy, I’ve done a lot of work with bullets and ballistics and one thing I know is that if you fire a bullet from the rear of a target, you cannot make it enter the front side. And a 120+ degree ricochet would absorb far too much energy, depleting any chance of fatal penetration. Not to mention, there wasn’t anything present that the 6.5mm could ricochet off of. It is impossible for there to be just one firearm used for that assassination. I believe it was an execution by the growing military industrial complex so the U.S. could fully enter the war and private interests could embezzle funds from the inflating military budgets and contracts. The big win is for the bankers lending to the government at growing rates; obscene for their day.

But the book tells us a known lie. And it is repeated over and over until people stop caring. But I never believed them and my distrust has led me to know the truth; that people aim to deceive us.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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