Misplaced Faith

I see why it’s important to have faith. At times, it helps to feel like something is rooting for you and possibly intervening on your behalf to set a positive path. If this psychological dependency be true, then I acknowledge why an ignorant person is inclined to happiness. Their mind is simpler; analyzing less and letting instinct take control where logic and reason would just get in the way. A person driven by instinct sounds more dangerous than it is. Instinct is a faint guiding emotion but it gets filtered through logic and reason in a civilized individual. Those who are less cultured are considered more barbarous. Or, at least, they are more obvious with their savagery.

While an ignorant barbarian can display great savagery, they are discovered easily and quite manageable. Far more dangerous is the deceptive breed that endeavors to convince others they are above that behavior by wearing rouge. These are the suits and politicians that must elevate themselves with assumed hierarchy and distinguish their false differences by neatly presenting themselves. Be warned, the suits are greedy, deceitful and countless times more dangerous. They are the masters of barbarous acts and use their hierarchy to organize the lesser intelligent barbarians into armies to meet their own gains.

The invention of radio has put cowards in charge of armies. No longer is Washington at the head of the assault, nor is he even in a command tent on the battlefield. Today’s commanders are cowards with plastic toy soldiers and they phone in their attacks through proxy of their generals with an assumed authority to command men. They claw their way to the top of the piles they’ve designed because they cannot stand at the bottom and take a beating like the rest. Their ego won’t allow them to be content, and technically, they are sociopaths.

I have discovered many flaws in this system of representation we place our faith in. Any person that would assume to represent a number of people, only serve to deceive them. While they may have initially claimed or tried to please all they represent; that is impossible, so they resort to pleasing themselves and the few that surround them. This is the observed nature of politics in a society with misplaced faith. Many are too smart for their own good, they don’t believe in God and karma because of logic and reason, so they embrace and deceitfully conceal their brutality. And to this effect; the uncultured, driven by instinct alone, are more civilized because fear of the remaining mystery still governs their resolve.

Through logic and reason, I can tell you now that the Gods of the popular faiths (as defined by their abilities) do not exist; nor does any other omnipotent physical or massless entity that could ever really affect our world. God, for most religions, is a personification of the fears of retribution for barbarous acts. Religion was designed to lessen the amount of warrantless brutality in the human species. Through my life I have not witnessed anything other than life itself. None of what I have experienced suggests an all-powerful aware force is in the cosmos. However, I am certain there is a supreme intelligent being somewhere but there is no way to know if it is even in our galaxy. For all I know, the smartest entity in all the cosmos could be a dolphin, or a whale or maybe even a human being; but there is no way I or that being may even know it is the top-most intelligence. Therefore, I know not what to worship. That being said, if there were to be a God entity defined; then it could only be as smart as the product of its design, memory and environment. So I can say that God exists in the sense that it is alive, aware and even supremely intelligent; but not omnipotent or physically magical.

So have faith, but secure it where it will do some good. Don’t place it in the hands of greedy barbarous men or sailing through the silver-lined clouds of the heavens with a fantastically magical old man that records your every action. Both are irrational circumstances that continue humankind’s greatest savage practices.

-Jeremy Edward Dion