Hindsight Gift

Hindsight Gift

I want to sleep on the aloe tongue of the Earth
I want to split the all-seeing eye of Illuminati
I want to dilute the artificial blood of reptiles
Cleanse my unconfirmed soul

Thieve back my destiny
Fighting their ideal future
I will embrace the truth of us
Parents from afar riding a star

A portion of thought reserved, conditioned to accept fateful lies
The price charged before creation, a burden in the spade of ancient lives
Knowledge is a hindsight gift learnt from betrayal
Kept in shadow beneath secretive soles, trampled and wrinkled

Orbital justice, the crossing of celestial paths, disrupting our nature
Our chemistry twisted, deformed by science and mangled by mans fear
Not in our own, unable to change the truth of it, and we shouldn’t
But we must endeavor to survive

Fighting their ideal future, embracing the truth
Our parents riding the stars, and we see them in a Sirius light
Atop the highest clouds, parting ways with different gods
Spread across aeons of karmic debris

All are gods to their creations, and all worship superiority
Hierarchy is infinite among the cosmos
Our gods are in service to theirs
This knowledge, a hindsight gift

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Venus Transit

Today I watched Venus transit across our solar disc. It was beautiful. I watched it on a NASA web stream. I had been anticipating this day for a while. Astronomy is something that interests me and I’m happy I was able to catch a glimpse of Venus with my own eyes. It was cloudy earlier in the day but it cleared up by the time of first contact when Venus began voyaging across the sun. Very briefly I viewed the Venus transit with a pinhole projector I manufactured out of two toilet paper rolls, tin foil and wax paper. It was awesome. After some trial and error, I was able to enhance the image and see a super tiny black dot. I may never be able to see Venus again in this fashion, as her next transit is in 2117.

I will write more on this when Venus completes her transit shortly.

I watched her come and I watched her go. She brought with her a century of knowledge I would have never known. I am thankful to witness the goddess on the go as a small speck on the face of Sol.

-Jeremy Edward Dion