The Condition of Child Support

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What I’ve written below is a response to this article:

Good point. I agree from a shifted perspective.

The entire judicial system is upturned and corrupt as it stands. Often, the punishment does not fit the crime, and it should. Child support should be a family or civil matter and not a criminal proceeding. Incarceration should be reserved for real criminals. Or the monetary reparations for creating life should not even be regulated by state. Of course, pregnancy can be a result of rape if proper attention is neglected, but that is also a criminal matter.

One of the risks of practicing procreation is pregnancy. And one of the elements of human nature is abandonment, especially within the heavily state-regulated oppressed society of the United States. Generally, people need to use better judgment. Raising children used to be a trivial matter but the intricacy of daily life in the United States has mutated the idea of most natural processes into devastating occurrences. Having a child can put a tremendous strain on daily life if you slave in the city. Whereas children in rural areas, educated in smaller communities, with a more natural style of living are far less of a burden if kept occupied with tasks of responsibility and assisting with the family enterprise.

Women should use better judgment before lying with a man to create life. Is the man dishonorable? Is he a liar? Is he responsible in character? Will he leave? These are possibilities to consider before making the commitment of having a child. When all else fails; find a way to make more money, fall back on the aid of family, speak with the father’s family, or find a new suitor to help support you. By today’s standard practices, these sound like inadequate solutions, but this is how these matters are handled. Historically, people were more responsible, so the father would have to die in a war or something for the single mother scenario to be created. But even then, women would lie with dogs (bad men), and often, the result was one of irresponsibility, just as we see today multiplied many times over.

In conclusion: Incarceration of individuals for matters not relating to public safety; rarely provides a solution. People need to make better decisions and raise children with responsibility instead of relying on the state to solve civil matters. Our judicial system needs to be put in check and knocked down a few humble pegs. Remove the practice of capitalism from the correctional system.

– Jeremy Edward Dion

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