No One Will Read This

When she hid her smile the world went dim,
And her beautiful mind eclipsed her charm.
The time is not as harsh as I had perceived,
Now knowing such a creature as her I’ve seen.
Troubled times may lie at my feet these days,
But hope is restored in a new way.

If I wasn’t such a coward I’d be able to say what I really want. But I’m naturally inhibited and very critical of myself. Being self-conscious is a curse for those that desire to express themselves sincerely. I feel anxious and that I was born in the wrong decade. I’m sorry I can’t be clear but I have to give my suspected fate the benefit of the doubt. Of course, I would be one to end with an apology. You really aren’t alone; empathy.

One of the most difficult things I will ever have to do is learn to cope with the realization that I am below average. Right now, it is too much for me to think on.

A coward is one who inhibits their actions by thinking of consequences. So it may be argued that a courageous person lives their life without much thought toward consequence. This logic may give credit to the proposal that intellectuals behave cowardly while the uncultured engage in opportunities of valor. There are certainly exceptions; people who do both and those that do neither.

No medium I am aware of is capable of recording what I itch to express. I haven’t met her yet. When speaking aloud, with all emotional faculties in full swing, can’t deliver the message, it’s time to cease effort.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Decadent, Ignorant and Immoral

We distrust police because they’re in uniform. They conform to the will of procedure and not to their morals. The combination of adrenaline with groupthink produces the suspension of moral judgment in a highly excited state. Law enforcement vehicles with their overlapping piercing sirens and flashing strobes are a medium hypnotic, generating an extremely confusing environment where even the simplest problems cannot be solved. Realize that it is purposely designed this way. Years of this practice has led us to the state of occurrence where it requires six mob uniforms using tasers and chemical spray to dominate a nonviolent man and his mother during a traffic stop. All this occurs while being recorded by one of the mobs vehicle dashboard camera. There is something to be learned from this.

All uniforms are the same uniform; they are the groupthink conformists. When an individual trades their morals for the procedures of another, they are compromised and become a threat to all. A uniform is the symbol of conformity; whether it be for good or evil, their methods are not their own. It concerns us what immoral procedures they’re conforming to. It is an injustice to the nature of human kind to assume authority over a fellow being. Authority can only be given in trust. If you are not trusted, you have no authority. I severely distrust my government and the forces they claim. I condemn the uniformed and the injustices prompted by their obedience to procedure while suspending their moral judgment. America has become a decadent, ignorant and immoral nation; our justice system and its officers reflect this fact.

-Jeremy Edward Dion,