More about Vaccines and Logic

Wow, Australia is just as screwed up as we are.
inject children or lose money,
ordered to have vaccine,
door closed on autism vaccine health scare,
To the right is a poll I captured from one of the pages above. The poll inspired me to write all you see below.

Because of the severity of the issue I’m going to write this however the heck it pours out and as fast as I can. I may suspend proper grammar in the process and when I feel this work is near finished I will complete the editing process but I will publish what I have when I have it. Prepare for a feast of run-on sentences and fragments.

Hmm, just a thought. Maybe mothers should breast feed their children and raise them with proper nutrition so they can be healthy and learn how to take care of themselves instead of relying on bureaucrats that are bought by pharmaceutical companies that acquire an endless supply of toxic waste to then turn into an inventive drug or vaccine that has shown a percent of a chance to treat one condition but has a nearly endless amount of unknown side-effects on the human biochemistry.

Think about the risk of this blind trust. (People who choose drugs and vaccines over real nutrition and natural bio-immunity should have their heads checked.)

You take your infant into an office to see an underappreciated doctor that you never met that has maybe had only a required minimum of 25 hours of schooling on nutrition but massive propaganda bombardment by profit-seeking toxic-waste handlers, and have them stick your child with a series of syringes that have since been independently analyzed and proven to contain live cancer viruses and other bioactive chemicals you can only dream of pronouncing and will never understand, all just to steer your infant clear of a pandemic that will never come and diseases that would probably be extinct if it weren’t for the CDC BSL facilities that store and classify them and the septic mutated populous that have had similar vaccinations and are carrying the diseases but have been mutated into partial-immunity and are thus creating new biological threats. Society is the biggest petri dish, and they will go broke paying for it.

That’s a lot of trust invested there, and too bad it’s all based on lies for money. They (the industry of medicine) want you sick or dying because they can feed you some new drug (combination of toxic waste) and see what happens. The field of medicine was always a hokey joke. It’s called “practicing medicine”. Remember? They’re drug pushers, but it’s legal because it’s taxable. It’s just like the escort services are taxable prostitution. It doesn’t make it any different except the money is going to a different pimp. But drugs and risky sex is fun, aren’t they? *sarcasm* It might kill you, but darn it feels good. *angry* Okay. Did it feel good for little baby GooGooGaGa when she was shot up with 9 vaccines and died weeks later with multiple chest infections? “Oh no, that’s completely normal.” And cause of death is written down as cardiac arrest caused by fever from infection. Yeah but what caused the infections? *BING* Light goes on in the head. Hey! Maybe it was the vaccines because last time I checked, it wasn’t normal for infants to get sick and die in a society with all our fancy technological advancements and knowledge of nutrition and, health and.. Oh, have I lost your attention yet? I was about to mention the antibodies that are passed from mother to child by breast feeding that can solve probably 90 percent of these infant mortality problems, if not more. But, wow, mothering is so difficult and the Transportation Security Administration always makes me drink my own milk before my family gets molested or hosed with radiation because they think my breasts and children are plastic explosives. There is absolutely no sense to inject a child with live viruses and diseases before their immune system has been built up by antibodies and proper vitamin nutrition. And certainly not before the ages of NEVER!
Here’s a scenario:

Doctor upon delivering a healthy baby: “Hey look a new life! Let’s stick it with needles and mangle it’s biochemistry before it has a chance to develop normally!”
— This doctor has a type of psychotic inclination toward destroying beauty.
— This doctor is possibly a nihilist without morals.
Yep, I just compared a vaccine doctor to a Nazi doctor from a death camp.

The pharmaceutical industry was built entirely on the disposal of toxic waste, but more recently, turning that waste into cash. Doctors are the drug pushers of the office place. And the pharmacies are their dealers. You got to have the right language of ailments and they’ll hook you up with the prescription. Then it’s only a matter of the bones then you’re on the latest hot drug. And the commercials will tell you the exact language of ailments you’ll need to speak with your doctor. Also, there is an incentive for your doctor to keep you happy, if he doesn’t supply you with the script, the next doctor will. Guess what. There are also kickbacks for prescribing more drugs from your office. Oh yes, it’s a wonderful world of compartmentalized mafia corruption. Remember? The mafia went into drugs. They could no longer avoid it. All the major families did it, the ones that survived anyway. And the drug war legislation was enacted to put their competition out of business once they got the cash to buy the right politicians. That’s just smart organization.

.. Maybe more to come

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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