Simple Addition and Subtraction

2 [Baby is born.]
2 [Doctor stabs baby with multiple vaccine needles.]
4 [Baby dies from massive infections and diseases.]
– 4 [Parents kill the doctor; simple justice.]
0 [Doctor is not available to stab babies with needles.]
+ 2 [Other babies are allowed to live and grow normally.]

If you subtract the subtractor, you spare the sum of 1 and 1.
[Subtract the Doctor.] = [Save the Baby.]

I promote the punishment of doctors that kill people. I think we should get to it and seek fitting justice. Make them accountable. Exterminate false medicine!

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My thoughts on this:

The polarity of this math is about life and death. That is addition and subtraction. I attempt to define seeking life as sane and seeking death as not so much. This is logical. [Awaken] So if a doctor assumes what he learned to be true as fact then he may actually believe that vaccines preserve life. At least until he injects a baby with the genetic cocktail and it dies, he may assume what he is doing, and was taught to do, is normal, sane and helpful. [Awaken] Now, upon witnessing the death of his patient from his actions, if the doctor does not learn that what he thinks he knows about medicine is wrong and continues to kill babies, then that doctor is not sane. This is seemingly the case with many doctors, as their industry continues to kill children. [Awaken] So, it would be logical for the public to respond by killing that which insanely continues to kill children. But they don’t. This is illogical behavior and if the public hasn’t learned to avoid doctors that kill children then the public, as a whole, is also insane. [Awaken] And the repeated effect of this behavior is called autonomous technocratic extinction. Those that are party to this circular systematic authority don’t survive. I use the word “authority” lightly here because no one has any real authority over another. [Awaken] Real authority must be given, not assumed, and thus any subjects are voluntary practitioners. So if one wishes to not have their children killed or maimed by another person, they need not subject them to vaccinations. And there is no authority that can demand that they do. [Awaken] Vaccinations are designed to kill humans, not diseases. The purpose is in the title of the product; they’re called “human vaccines”. It removes a human’s ability to produce antibodies to fight disease, and thus, the human is attacked more severely by whatever infiltrates the body. In the case of vaccinations, everything infiltrates the body and the human may develop and die from all sorts of possibilities. [Awaken] The cause of death is always listed as “this disease” or “that disease”, but never “Cause of Death: Vaccination”. But it may take years to kill the subject by vaccination, depending on how developed the immune system has become. If you vaccinate an infant, they should develop critical conditions within weeks. If you vaccinate a twelve year old, it may take thirty years for the cancer introduced by vaccine to develop into a critical state. [Awaken]
This is the result of decadence and lazy trust. Lazy trust is taking the easy path of assumption. Assuming humans are good and won’t take advantage of them. Assuming their government works for their interests and not corporate ones. [Awaken] While this may have been true among honorable individuals centuries ago that would face their opponent in open combat, it is not what we’re accustomed to anymore. America is populated by cowards that manipulate and subvert confidence to defeat their enemy, all while having them fund their own defeat. [Awaken] Yes. You are being taxed into poverty and snuffed out by a scientific dictatorship armed with more technology than sense. Awaken your senses, look around you, and learn how to defend yourself, and the ones you love, from the confidence men that have you dosing yourself into your grave.
[Insert popular deity here] bless you.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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