This Days Waking Dream

I was in a building populated by people I had only just met because I arrived earlier that day in their town. It was night now and they had been plotting to murder me because I had killed a friend of theirs in self-defense. I had seen the spirit of my victim once while it was still light but the face was swirled and blurry. It frightened and deeply disturbed me. But then, in the building with the sneaky jackals, I saw the spirit again. It was standing directly next to me uncomfortably close, tall and looking down at me. Its face was blank, nonexistent, but I felt it wasn’t malevolent. I was the only one that could sense the tall spirit and the others were eerily distracted with their indoor pre-homicide hillbilly ho-down sing-a-long. The tall spirit moved outside through the door and I took the hint of this warning and quickly followed. I figured some of the conspirators witnessed me leave but assumed I’d return, thinking I didn’t suspect any treachery.
Outside, the small town road is dimly lit by the partial moonlight and scattered lamps on old telephone poles. The tall spirit is ahead walking toward the street nearest the woods. I catch up to him nearly in a panics’ haste as I’m thinking the jackals may get wise to my escape. But the door to the building remained closed behind me. Now caught up to the spirit; a wolf that I hadn’t noticed trots up from behind, surpasses us and heads for the woods. Right at that moment all became clear, but my remaining bit of logic urged me to ask a question for assurance.
“Is that my lone wolf?” I uttered, not expecting a reply.
I simply wanted to signify that I was learning.
The tall spirit bolts after the wolf which had disappeared into the woods and I followed. They are much faster but as I run to catch up I felt I had changed. Unable to see myself, I assumed I had become as a wolf because I was running on all fours. I enthusiastically darted into the dark woods after my guides, toward what I had just realized was my new family. I was happy upon entering the woods because I discerned my human thoughts were still with me because while running, I thought how dangerous it was to be in the road as a wolf. This is a human thought, but there was no traffic in this small town at night anyway. The woods were comforting to me and I felt very safe. In this new form, I was still slow but excited about learning and catching up to whatever adventure lay ahead.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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