Dark Days

I just want to state the obvious because dark days are here.
I know there are private corporations funding scientists to engineer nasty bacteria and viruses that could decimate the human population. They do this for fun, but some even do this out of malice with the intent to leverage it for some benefit. I know this practice exists because man is capable of it. I also know no one is more important than anyone else unless subjected to a particular situation where the usefulness of that individual is critical. For instance, on an airplane a pilot might be more important than a passenger. It’s all subjective, but in the long run everyone is equal because the ultimate situation is death; that equalizes all. But hierarchy is the practice of putting others above the rest for whatever subjective reasoning we see fit.

While there is much to be learned from hierarchic organizational structure in the way of operational efficiency, many take their titles and authority over subordinates very seriously. So serious that a scientist that is ordered to create a weaponized biological nightmare germ, will do just that because he serves a master like a slave. This is more the fault of the naïve subordinate than the one flexing their hierarchic prowess. Besides, there is usually a lot of money involved; so much money that it steers us from a moral path or against better judgment. It’s bribery. It’s slavery. It’s corruption. It’s evil. And I don’t mean some hocus pocus religious sense of the term evil where people are “infiltrated” by some entity that sets them to do evil. I mean just the plain human nature kind of evil, that long climb to the top where after a while the weight of the climb is crushing people below you. This is the effect and practice of hierarchy; it’s putting oneself before or after another based on subjective context. I say to hell with hierarchy. We are entering dark days and won’t survive if we give weight to claims of authority.

If I get some slave telling me to walk into a death machine because they don’t like the way I think and the free nature I crave, I will lash out violently with full force and maximum precision to destroy that hierarchic husk of a failed meat bag. The attack will be so ferocious, it will demoralize my captors. That small amount of doubt will multiply, infecting the whole, and rot its way through the organization to its bloody big head.

I promise:
I will be subversive toward any government seeking power over the mind.
I will undermine any hierarchy that serves to corrupt, kill or enslave.
I will ignore their invalid authority.
I will not submit to the will of the sick.
I will be hostile toward any organization seeking dominion over the mind.
I will shine light on their dark spaces to illuminate the lies.

I’m tired of being modest with my intentions and I’m tired of being scared to write what I really want to say. Fuck the law. The law today is merely the corruption of morality. I agree with not killing others without great cause or taking something from someone else so they don’t have it anymore. That’s not law, that’s just morality. That’s simple common sense type shit. Today, The Law is the rule set enforced by the usurped hierarchy that has placed restrictions on the rest to keep them from upsetting their invalid authority. Fuck all of them and fuck their laws. They are the orchestrators of so much corruption and death it’s twisted fucking sickening. If I could place simultaneous crosshairs over all the globalist fucks seeking to bring about our destruction and upset the natural order of truth and humankind, I’d sacrifice whatever last bit of purity I have and pull the fucking trigger.

Pull the fucking trigger, I said. I don’t support collateral damage. I don’t support indiscriminate killing. I don’t support drones carpet bombing innocents. I support the precision of well placed bullets. I support the destruction of those that seek to kill indiscriminately. It’d be nice if it were possible to get them all together in one place and then entomb them in their own waste. I’d watch on CCTV the jackals cannibalize themselves out of existence. Fuck them all and their laws, be non-compliant and never compromise your sense of true goodness. True goodness is what happens if all could be motionless so no evil could be done; the allowance to exist contently without change. But if one person gets up to do evil, then others must get up to stop them or evil continues to be done; a physical fact.

I won’t be still and let them do evil. I will confront evil and I will defeat it. In whatever far reaches of the environment within my power, I must expose them. The future of humankind depends on our actions now. A revolution will always be violent because violence is all evil can perform to maintain power and stop goodness. They rule by force. Think about what this means. THEY RULE BY FORCE. So any dissention and subversion of their evil will be met with force. And that is always a violent encounter. Those that still think a peaceful solution can be reached; needs to wake the fuck up, learn how to defend yourself, organize into a resistance network, and put your game face on because the blue force (corrupt hierarchic collective) is coming and they mean to kill you. The blue force is highly organized, has an unlimited (infinite tax ceiling) budget and will follow any order they receive because they are enslaved robots with drones. And every single one of them plugged into that system is a danger to you because leverage is used against them to force their continued obedience. This may be the extinction of our kind in the works. I hope not. I really hope truth doesn’t end here in America’s downfall. America may fall to the will of the decadent few but not without great bloodshed from both factions.

I don’t think I’m wrong in deducing this outcome but I hope I can be. Most I have logically deduced to be true over the years, I have discovered was correct. Internal war for America is about 8 months down the road but a lot of us won’t be around for it. Fucking scientists.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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