Deniable Failure

There are a number of reasons to proclaim I have failed on many fronts.

April 12, 2012
I consciously deny this and admit only to inaction. I’ve written much more than I’d ever simply let on. Writing is proof that I’ve done just that. The more I write, the less I feel I’ve done. No one knows me so no one reads me. The only time people read anymore is when they’re sinking into Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook account, and I actually feel left out in some way. Creating a history of my electronic social interactions and communications, with live updates and geosynchronous blippity-blah sounded like a security monitoring scheme. It was only until a year ago, I realized this was true. However, I still feel left out. I suppose my condition is that I don’t really care to know what people are doing unless they specifically tell me in a targeted correspondence. I also don’t care to involve others in the knowledge of what I’m doing, because it’s not that interesting for them. I’m writing; wow, big deal. So when they direct a targeted message at me, at that point, I’m engaged in conversation and I care enough to respond. Otherwise, I won’t respond to status updates because I won’t read them. Hell, I rarely check email anymore. And that’s because it has become a great time consuming process. The benefit of learning how to increase my penis size through Mexican Cialis Levitra Viagra, buy a faux Rolex, learn to make the latest MLM work for me, or supposedly accept a transfer of $28,000,000 from a persecuted general on the run in the Republic of the Congo; all these things are outweighed by the time I’ve lost filtering through that junk. And no little bit I’ve learned in an email from an actual acquaintance could make up for the time it took to check the messages. I’d rather be writing.

People are so busy trying to keep up to date with the ultimate MMORPG (Facebook) that they can’t see the most important things right in the same room with them. We’re bombarded by technology and its radiation. Has anyone metered the effects of this bombardment? Are we really doing this to each other? [900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz,] All the VHF – SHF radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum is publicly unavoidable. The only time you might get that humming out of your head is if you sleep in a sensory deprivation chamber that rests inside a large faraday cage. There is no escaping the electromagnetic spectrum of the cosmos, these origins of radiation I must tolerate, but aging from the radiation emanating from terrestrial devices that I classify as a nuisance; that’s just despicable. I’ve detected a change in mental ability when the world began migrating to wireless connectivity. It is pollution; affecting our health and mental ability. I’ve seen it.

-Jeremy Edward Dion