secrecy in every level of organization is how the devil effectively remains obscure. there are sublevels of secrecy and compartmentalization. many cannot see the portion of evil they supply within a group, nor can they see that evil flourishes in organization. grouping compounds mans’ natural flaws and inclination to perform evil together. while a single human can commit a series of crimes before being stopped, committees repeatedly perform far more serious crimes with little opposition. a perfect example is war. this is the design of evil. one great lie is that authority exists. mind control isn’t really mind control, this is a misnomer. rather, it is action control and it’s accomplished by organization. a person’s thoughts are meaningless when their actions are restricted to a set of approved and allowed functions or directives. that is real control. the devil is in the details. the details of organization are bureaucratic policy, and its system is protected by keeping it ambiguous and the bees busy and ignorant. if too many are disillusioned of the controlling system or discover the end result, the organization will break down. the belief in authority is the cause of the most deaths. it is the will of men to control others with that belief and evil is spawned from the deception of authority. all of this would be impossible if it hadn’t been for the demoralization of humankind. we are no longer an honorable society and are doomed to repeat what has been forgotten. the deception within hierarchy is intrinsically evil.
a possible solution could be as follows: all humans are to be as equal and can only be responsible for their self. thus, no committee can own an individual or claim authority over the actions thereof. the organization of the policing over a district must end with the local sheriff and his deputies. if this local policing organization was to perform evil, the matter of expulsion and reelection is a simple one. on the other hand, centralizing the policing of vast expanses of land, inherently involves much ignorance and deception; thus producing great evils.

observation: an idle mind is not the devil’s playground. rather, it is the busy bee that cannot see the evil he does. and the idle mind with the luxury of time can pull back and objectively analyze its actions, the world and the evil in it. this has always been a great lie; just now revealed to me by logic. it is the pattern of the secretive or misguided to regularly reverse advice so that evil flourishes instead of goodness.

-jeremy edward dion