Scientific Dictatorship

The scientific community would love to convince themselves and the rest of us that the Earth is overpopulated. They wish to control the rest of us with a scientific dictatorship; constantly convincing us the Earth can’t support 7 billion humans. All the time now, we hear about population reduction, death panels, weaponized pathogens, sterilants, holocausts, and ongoing wars; all in their efforts to further sell their ideology and depopulate the planet. Well, lets go over some figures on the matter.

First, I will agree that select cities are overpopulated but a logical solution would be to move away. To my knowledge there is 57,506,000 square miles (36,803,840,000 acres) of land surface area, this is 29.2% of the total Earth surface area. I’m transferring to the well-known property value of acreage for ease of understanding. Of this area, 15,641,597,556 acres (less than half the land area) is inhabitable. There are 7 billion persons on Earth. If we are generous with the values and say that there are only 3 persons to a family, we have 2.3 billion family units. Now to divide the 15.6 billion acres across the 2.3 billion families; we can see that each family could have 6.78 acres. That is plenty for each to have their own agricultural processes, or they could use an economy to trade for food and water. Certainly, we are not overpopulated. These figures generously don’t account for those that seek to live in cities, on very little land or in larger groups.

So, when I hear individuals, especially people that have no clue what the hell they’re talking about (like Bill Gates), talk about “the planet is overpopulated, we’re in trouble..” I point and laugh at the ignorant or lying sociopath. Most of these scientific dictator types own vast expanses of land, which makes them a hypocrite of their own argument. What they mean to say is, “The Earth is too populated for my liking! Wah Wah! I want their land! Let’s kill everyone off.” So they use the established industry of SCIENCE, which is supposed to be based on factual values and evidence, to preach overpopulation but they never discuss the actual numbers. Then they use technology and chemicals released into the atmosphere to artificially adjust the climate then scream, “See. Look what us humans are doing to this poor planet!” The only apocalypse we’ll be seeing is the one brought on by these scientific dictator types. Rest assured that if the human race ever became a serious problem for the ecosystem, the actual Earth would begin to cleanse itself. But all our current issues are artificially manufactured by intent. The only culprit here is greed; greed of resources, money and power.

If a real population problem ever crops up, people would have to be allowed to move from where they are to find new lands. By dividing the world into borders, the ‘powers that be’ have created these artificial population problems and are slowly conquering everyone. Also, we have individuals with much more land than they can use. While I like to believe in private land ownership and property rights, I do not believe in hoarding.

On another note:
I’m currently working on the database for the Constitutional Republic Outpost Project and I hope to get it functional soon.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Advice for Men Seeking Women

Though sound advice, as the product of years of experience, is often squandered;
I feel it’s important to impart some learned lessons from time to time.

The one thing a women needs from a man is for him to be independent.
The better the independence, the stronger the attraction.
Don’t be a child that needs pampering, and never act the fool.
Be the man women would have to compare by, the better man,
With a proper amount of negligible faults.

-Jeremy Edward Dion