Law of Logic and Existence

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 -4:00 am

Falsity cannot exist without truth.
Truth cannot exist without falsity.
If there were only one or the other,
there would be paradox (impossibility).

Choice exists because without it
there would be paradox, and paradox cannot exist,
therefore choice is the nature of existence.

If one has ability to lie and speaks to
one that can only believe as truth,
a paradox can be created,
thus negating existence within the logical.

Truth and lie must exist for there to be doubt.
Doubt is the proof of logic in action.

Doubt (logic) is needed otherwise paradoxes are formed,
or we would have imbalance and sadness from too much truth.

Doubt is the proof that the receiver of information is
logical, yet incapable of paradox;
they discern truth from falsity as they see fit,
so as to not cease to exist.

-Jeremy Edward Dion