Questioning the TSA

I decided to use the resources at to see if they really are trying to protect us from ourselves. I’m able to confirm that they are, at least, driven toward convincing the citizenry they’ve thought of everything for us. I decided to ask them if they allowed questionable materials through checkpoints. This seemed like a logical query.

A really good question. Their response was almost comical; it nearly made me despise their organization that much less. I thought since they’re looking after our transportation safety and all.. Oh wait, that’s not correct anymore. Now they’re into groping students on prom night at schools. That which has power can only seek more. I suppose they have to condition the citizens while they’re young otherwise they won’t accept it later. Oh, that’s not entirely accurate either. The elders have been accepting this blatant disregard to personal sovereignty too. Hmm, this is tricky. Perhaps I should have asked if I can bring “my dignity” through the security checkpoint. That would have been more appropriate (and less likely to get me flagged) but I stopped caring for my safety long ago. I don’t believe in safety except for that which I supply myself.

I was surprised the TSA harbored such humor:

I figure since I own the TSA, it won’t be a problem to ask them direct questions on their website, which citizen taxes supposedly fund. Actually, since private institutions have been bailing-out others, there is no telling who owns what anymore. As soon as assistance is requested, accepted or granted; there exists the leverage to influence. Right now, that influence is in the trillions of dollars. US citizens are not in control and haven’t been since at least the early 1900’s. And centuries ago, Mayer Amschel Rothschild said “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

I asked a multitude of other interesting phrases, all of which returned severely uninteresting “Item Not Found” messages:
[to be added]

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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