Embrace the Anti-Utopia

The idea of a free society of absolute liberty has long existed. This anarchic state may be unachievable but we should regularly endeavor toward it. The freedom to choose comes from not regulating our possibilities. Understand that a utopia would have to be highly organized, monitored and regulated. While these three traits are viable, it can’t supply happiness. A utopia is hopeless unless everyone has the same values and the society can supply their needs and wants. But with the addition of the chaotic nature, the Utopian idea quickly dismantles itself.

I imagine an anti-utopia to be a chaotic, unmonitored, anarchic region. This concept frightens most pampered individuals because of the classic definition but they would have more opportunity to pursue happiness. Since a Utopian society cannot exist, I’m using anti-utopia as the opposite of what the utopia would actually be. Everyone wants the allowance to do their own thing and without regulations they’re free to do so. This is an infinitely easier state to bring into existence because it exists without specific design or labored organization. The problems with the anti-utopia is like-minded people may organize and bring harm to others (gangs and tyranny). Order is an autonomous side-effect because the brain is a logical organ and prefers the organization that springs from classifying relationships. Thus, the will of the establishment is to endure.

In truth, the established orderly nations cannot willingly return to an anarchic state because of the fears they’ve manifested. Some of the fears are valid while some of them are unreasonable. A valid fear is that more orderly cultures will come to harm the less orderly. That’s actually very true but what does that say about organization? For example, look at what the US Empire does to the lesser organized cultures. They inflict rule by force. Again, this proves that organization supplies the ability to do great harm. Meanwhile, the disorderly are overrun. But establishing massive super governments of oppressive managing rule is like inventing a nuclear weapon. Once imagined and brought into existence, the idea cannot be uncreated and the fearful want the design. This is improperly called progress and limits mankind by manufacturing greater fears. And where there is fear, there is control. Policies are created from these fears. Most rule in this fashion. The closer to Rome; the greater the fear.

An unreasonable fear is that people wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves without government. This is an irrational fear. The will to survive outweighs the influence to submit to death. Also, compassion is a far more common emotion than hate. A simple autonomous order with civil relations is more likely to survive than rampant chaotic struggle. So, an autonomous order would exist. When you try to be exorbitantly managing, then you must have bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is indifferent and can bring much harm to whomever those policies entangle. Since the natural inclination is to survive, then by introducing regulation you invite the contrary. Much death and poverty has been caused by regulation.

If we simply observe the golden rule, we can have our freedom. It’s the freedom to choose to live securely in our persons and homes or become victims. This was the purpose of limiting the establishment (gangs) from tirelessly invading our lives and affairs. The 4th Amendment will be missed. The men in their castles forget what it’s like to be free. The time has arrived for them to be humbled.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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