An Analogy for Government

Upon the establishment of government, it rarely relinquishes control. The US government is like a giant bus barreling down the road with many scheduled destinations. If the bus were to travel without a safe driver for any amount of time, it could cause much destruction.

The bus is populated by many different people with unique destinations and they all would like to safely arrive in a timely fashion. These are the citizens. The driver is like the policy makers hopefully guiding the bus safely. If the driver were to abandon the wheel while in motion, almost instantly another would rush to the wheel. This is the electoral and political arena. But there are other bus drivers aboard to take over when the previous driver faults. They are the politicians that are trained to go along with the established agenda. They don’t want to stop the bus and they are eager to take the wheel. If a citizen were to take the wheel, they would steer and slow the bus to a halt in as safe a manner as possible. This is the natural inclination toward survival. Slowing the bus is like the loosening of the government’s regulations upon us. It takes regular citizens in politics to return to us our freedoms.

In current times, it’s best to think of the bus as a prison bus. The bus driver is a lone and very strict man with one destination on his mind. And if he were to fail in his duties, the bus would be fought over by a collection of frenzied criminals all trying to head in drastically different directions. The most infamously violent criminal would likely take the wheel and steer the bus toward his goals. Congratulations, you now understand our current state of affairs. Our current government is populated by criminals that pay no mind for the needs of the citizenry.

What do you do to a prison bus that’s been overrun by its occupants?
You spike the tires and destroy the radiator and when it comes to a halt you gas the occupants until they’re unconscious or surrender.

Think about how that translates to a solution for our predicament.

And: Happy Rapture Day to all the Camping’ Christians! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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