Supreme Court Is Invalid

I just learned of the May 12th 2011 decision by the Indiana State Supreme Court to cancel the protection of the constitutional 4th amendment. This decision is under the excuse of hoping to prevent violence. Ha ha ha ha, that is so illogical that it’s clinically insane reasoning. This will only serve to produce violence and home invasion occurrences. If there was ever a time to start a gang or join the existing police gang and traipse over the land to invade homes under authoritative identity, now is the time!

The individuals responsible for this ruling have proven their incompetence and the dangers of giving such radical policy-making power to a group of crusty old farts. These men are: Justice Randall T. Shepard, Justice Brent E. Dickson, Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr., Justice Robert D. Rucker, and Justice Steven H. David.
Three of these five men do not represent the interests of the public or safety. If they did, they would honor the idea that your home is your castle and no individual may intrude without permission, warrant or probable cause. This is nothing more than a highly organized home invasion. The so-called authorities have become the real face of terrorism but it’s even more transparent now.

I will write out a scenario that will happen if this illegal ruling is allowed to survive and be practiced:
A group identifying themselves as police or other authorities comes to a door and demands entry. The homeowner asks for what reason and if they can produce a warrant to prove their validity. They proclaim they need no such reasoning and brush past the homeowner and continue to do whatever it is they wish to do. The next occurrence should come as no surprise. A family member gets alerted or scared and tries to go for the phone but is detained by one of the intruders and subdued under watchful eyes for safety. This has now become a classic home invasion scenario. The remaining family members produce weapons and begin hostilities against the intruders, as they have a duty to do so. This results in the death of the intruding authorities, but that’s okay because there is no shortage of dumbbells. Now more foot soldiers show up after the initial group never returns or reports in and they proceed to murder the entire home occupants by kicking in the door and breaching the windows in combat gear with assault rifles and shotguns. I mean, they were a family of domestic terrorists after all; right? No, they were Americans.

This scenario will play out as described. It’s the logical progression of events. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh wait, maybe I’d prefer the authorities to actually produce warranted reasoning to forcibly enter. Otherwise, people get angry. If this happens to you, gut the pigs.
I now carry a firearm to the door. Why? I may have to shoot some idiot that claims authority without presenting valid justification. I don’t live in Indiana but I do live in liberty and I will preserve mine by threat of force.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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