Ecuador Soon

I haven’t written a post for a while. I don’t have anything new to say about politics. Everything is much as I expected it to be down this path. It’s sad to have so little improvisation.

Near Cuenca, Ecuador.

I’m excited about the upcoming Ecuador trip. I think my excitement is partly because of my limited Spanish vocabulary. It introduces a level of chaos I’m not accustomed to. It doesn’t matter if I can’t speak the language. I have some sense and know how to be universally polite so I don’t expect any trouble. I think it’ll be exciting to try and communicate with the indigenous people of Ecuador and learn Spanish as I encounter it. I’m so bored with routine; I’d like to experience chaos. I’m bringing a compass and map. It would be an adventure if I ever had to use them but I have no current plans at attempting to get lost. Exploring Cuenca will suffice. Maybe I’ll head out to the coast and visit Salinas or somewhere farther north like Canoa.

Current Events:
It’s horrible that Japan experienced such a deadly earthquake and tidal wave. I have a different opinion about death than the average individual so it’s difficult for me to be sincerely dramatic on the subject. It’s a creepy, yet slightly positive, side-effect that thousands of deaths in Japan caused such beneficial surf conditions for others. I call it the “kamikaze death surf”. I don’t surf but I think if I did, it would be clever but in poor taste to take advantage of it. Perhaps there would be some way to convince protestors that you’re surfing out of “respect for the dead”. That phrase always seems to win approval. To be clear, death is death. It sucks for the living when it happens to their loved ones but it’s the cycle of life and an inevitable natural occurrence. Humans are mostly hydrogen with carbon gluing it all together and a jolt of electricity jumping along their circuitry. And when that electricity stops (death), it doesn’t become non-existent; it has to transfer its energy into some other form or dissipate into the environment and be used elsewhere. It’s physics, a very basic law about energy. There’s a lot of math involved but rest assured that Tokyo Joe is probably surfing the same waves you are.
(Wow, I can’t believe how cold this reads.)

Maybe I should grow a soul. No, um; back to vacation topics.
I hope to get some dental work done in Ecuador. It’s inexpensive and they’re quite professional. They have electricity and metal utensils! (Ha ha) Seriously, their facilities look better than anything I’ve seen in Horry County; all modern techniques without the wallet-gouging. I hear that the women are very attracted to American men. It’s something about the way we look. I expect it will be enjoyable to meet the ladies.

I’m tired; perhaps I’ll clean this up and have more to write later today.

-Jeremy Edward Dion