Something Short

It’s not many but doing more than any is still doing some.
I’ve tried to be nice when fall is building ice but I just can’t have fun.
Troubled I may be; I’ll still disagree to saying I like when it rains.
Games pass time but bore the mind and leave holes for truth to leak about.

Familiar faces bring me no new places so to travel I must reach out.
Spring life healing are words with feeling, something new from old.
Earthen soil speaks to the warming sun in green phrases.
Vines unbalance the tree with enveloping growth.

Material dies but the mind survives if the glyphs be found.
You can’t have passion without life or life without fire.
But you can be unknown to the ground.
Born of another sun, they come.

Time is a relationship of changes. Change is eternal.

-Jeremy Edward Dion