A Call to Act

The writer of this text is protected under Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I will not be compartmentalized, marginalized, or domesticated to the status quo. I haven’t been sitting on the sideline like an obedient little citizen as the fusion and residential centers are built up around us. I’ve been compiling information, weapons and resources for the inevitable conflict on this grim path of tyrannical control. I am unhappy.

Edmund Burke observed the cause of evil’s progression as “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” The logic of his statement is accurate. Evil men are far more ambitious toward seizing control. Good men have been preoccupied for decades dealing with the effects of their evil instead of focusing on amplifying their own effective good. What we need now is not only that good men act, but act courageously. It’s a radical change to transfer from sidelining and playing war games with digital weapons to an able patriot with real ones; ready to enforce The Constitution. The time is now.

An important thing we can do is ensure that our military will not obey the declaration of martial law. The military is empowered by “We the people.” Our Executive Branch has been infiltrated by Wall Street and our policies are dictated from foreign lands. When bullets start flying, weak loyalties are upset and I pray the men and women of our militaries are brave or smart enough to follow their moral instincts than follow policy; because those options will not be in alignment. When evil men dictate policy, following orders is not the moral thing to do. It may be that many have lost their conscience and have no instrument for discerning good from evil. These robots will likely remain loyal to their executives; these are the mercenaries capable of doing the greatest evil. We need to support and bring our military home so these experienced individuals can train and lead our revolt and bring its effect to Wall Street and its capital. We need our militaries to defend us from our government which has obviously gone rogue with unspeakable levels of corruption. Government Sachs has done far too much damage already with their monetary lunacy, policy corruption, and immorality.

There is no position for reasoning in policies; groups utilizing them hinder compassion and fairness. Thus, if the policies (laws/rules/regulations/executive orders) become openly tyrannical, then we will have a handful of problems simply dealing with the hypocrites in enforcement agencies. They will no doubt be drafted under federal control in the event of martial law to inflict federal policies. Some of these men are dumber than a bag of hammers, so they are a real threat to be considered.

Any militia that claims to be peaceful is psychologically powerless and not genuine, so forget them; we need a network of willing patriots. Being free and having liberty is not a constant within a peaceful society; you have to continually defend it with threat of force. This is the truth with the “mugger on the street” scenario: criminal wants citizens wallet + citizen wants to keep it + criminal has a knife + citizen has a pistol = citizen keeps wallet. The “mugger on the street” scenario means criminals are free to attempt taking your wallet (criminals naturally do this) but citizens are free to attempt to keep it. To think of a society where weapons are banned and everyone gets along is a pleasant utopian concept but it’s very boring, illogical, and anyone really considering its existence is delusional and should take a sociology course. Our original republic realized these conditions of humanity and scripted protections from tyrannical policy-making governments into our founding documents. You can pinpoint the exact date of the beginning of government overstepping its authority; it’s the day the first tax policy was proposed. Also note that the banking interests infiltrated government prior to that date.

While unifying the separate compartmentalized personnel to enforce The Constitution and restore freedom from tyranny and taxation sounds like a simply familiar task because of our heritage, it requires many good people to plan and act. It may take years and be difficult to organize a valid resistance but I’m willing to sacrifice my current safety of anonymity, to assist the organization process. I am not impeded by illusions that our society will peacefully solve these issues. Just because the establishment wants to provoke a violent reaction by enacting ridiculous policies, doesn’t mean violence is an inappropriate reaction. It does mean, however, that the provocateurs underestimate the public capacity to unify equal opposition. We will show them the level of our resolve. Victor Hugo wrote that “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.” People seeking to be free may be standing against armies but we have the idea; and its time has come again.

I have already promised my capacity for violence and I will uphold what I believe to be true and moral. The goal is to unify the people toward restoring and maintaining liberty from disloyal policy making. If I’m not allowed to live and pursue happiness then I’ve found something to fight and die for.

Jeremy Edward Dion
November 18 2010