The FDA and Solution D

Let’s suppose for a moment the FDA actually banned products that contain harmful substances from being used in Food & Drugs. This task is what they’re presently charged with but that doesn’t explain the myriad of harmful vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs available that are pushed on to everyone. For the remainder of this article, we’ll assume they’re effective at their purpose.

If a nefarious group had an agenda to poison the population with a mass-marketed product, they’d never get approval from the FDA because they’d discover their product was harmful. The group would have to be very sneaky to succeed.

I have a formula that shows the capability of contamination even with a functioning food and drug safety authority.

A + B = D (Combining A plus B equals the Desired effect.)

Compound A = Atmospheric contamination
Compound B = Bodily contamination
Solution D = Disease/Death/Desired Effect

The malicious group would split Solution-D into two parts and place them into separate environments. It could be separated into many pieces but for argument simplicity, we’ll just use the two parts example. Compound A is rendered aerosol and released into the atmosphere somehow, like aircraft chemical trails or more stealthy measures. It is managed and dispersed under a different company than its B counterpart. In fact, Compound A wouldn’t even be under FDA governance because it’s not delivered as a consumable. Compound B could be placed in pesticides, GMO foods, inhalants, food can liners, drugs, vaccines, water, or any other commonly consumed items. Both compound A and B pass inspection because they are supposedly harmless while in their own environments. When the two compounds combine in the body, it creates Solution D and activates cancers, diseases, disorders, fatal toxicities, mutations, or the solution may just sterilize you.

Remember, the FDA may also not consider the effect Solution-D produces as “harmful”. An effect is deemed harmful by interpretation of the definition. So, how do they define harmful? Does their definition include DNA manipulation, mutations, reduced fertility, or other unwanted invisible effects that violate choice? With all the known medications and vaccines that are directly causing illness and death, it’s obvious the FDA isn’t considering our best interests.

The scenario I just explained is by design. You just can’t trust your health to “industry professionals” anymore. Inform yourself and know the facts before you consume what others have classified as “safe”. They only know what they’re told and they only tell what they’re allowed.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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