Choose Choice

Will you follow orders from corrupt leadership that forsake your common-sense morality, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights; or will you stand firm for what you know is right and risk losing your present function in the establishment?

What you do defines who you are. It’s important to regularly analyze where you are and who you’ve become, lest you lose yourself in your work. Do not compromise your morals for orders. You must remember why America is great. We can live in peace & privacy without fear of government telling us what we can’t do; or worse, telling us what we must do to others. Our government supposedly works for the public. The evidence proves they’re ignoring this fact. Local economies fail while federal government increases by the hour and becomes more tyrannical. Our armed forces must choose where their loyalties lie. They swore an oath to the United States government, but it’s null & void the moment leadership orders an injustice to occur. Truth can’t exist in a dictatorship and democracy doesn’t concern the minority. We must honor our formally established republic because its laws restrict government from inflicting the will of secretive men. We are all capable of fair action, but there are people that choose to do harm. This is why the rule of law is important. Without law is chaos.

If you don’t understand my words then this isn’t written for you. But I can give you a warning that a war is brewing and the government currently holds the faith of many. We must prepare and organize to oppose tyranny.

-Jeremy Edward Dion
South Carolina
(Honoring the Gadsden Flag)


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